Following are the various types and styles of Timbers available. Mike’s Carpet aims to provide stylish and high quality floorings to all its customers.


Flooring: Glamorising your property

Flooring forms an essential and eminent part in deciding the look and appearance of any property. Be it a residential property or a commercial one, flooring always makes an immense impression on visitors. Thus, it becomes quite important for you to be very careful, attentive and practical while choosing flooring type for your home, office or any other property.

Timber Flooring in trend

If you wish to install a high quality, stunning and yet affordable flooring solution, timber flooring is the way to go! Many people choose timber flooring for homes and offices in Melbourne because it is highly durable, affordable and comes in a variety of patterns and types to choose from. Its high quality wood, which is very flexible and elastic in nature, adds robust features to your flooring.

Mike’s Carpet: Perfect Timber Flooring Solutions

Mike’s Carpet houses a wide range of popular and in-demand high quality timber flooring in Melbourne at affordable prices. We provide complete installation of these flooring. Our timber flooring solutions are very popular in Melbourne and the surrounding area. The types of timber flooring available in Melbourne are:

  • Solid Timber
  • Bamboo Timber
  • Floating Floor Timber
  • Single strip timber floor
  • Double plank timber floor
  • 2 Strip timber floor
  • 3 strip timber floor

Browse through our different categories of timber floors including floating floor timber, and get to explore the world of Timber Flooring!

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