There are many different kinds of underlays available to make your carpets feel softer and more comfortable. One option you might want to consider is the PU foam, which has some very appealing qualities like its ability to insulate against heat as well as give off just enough cushioning to be soft on feet with no risk of getting hurt or layering through wear!
Underlayment is a thin layer of material that can be found under many types of flooring. This padding, insulation and sound absorption helps to reduce wear on your floors with time by protecting it from scratches or damages in different ways depending on what you choose.
11 mm-12 mm would be the optimum thickness for underlay. A thick cushioned feel can really make your carpet stand out, so go with what is available and popular in this range.
Broadloom carpets are a great option for the homeowner who wants something more modern and stylish. They cost less upfront, can be found in many different colors/styles from which to choose, while also being easier on your wallet when compared with carpet tiles that may come at higher prices per square meter of flooring space required due its modular design making installation faster and simpler, add carpet tiles are best for commercial areas, few of the commercial graded broadloom carpets are also good choices for commercial layouts!