Roller Blinds

We're here to help you. You can call on 1300 365 887 or send a Quick Enquiry. We have set up an online scheduler for any tricky windows that will allow us to come out at your convenience!
When you shop for roller blinds online, there are a few terms that may be unfamiliar. Front roll and back rolls indicate which direction the fabric will move when it gets off of the roller; front-rolled means "like water running downhill" while backs go "afront." Depending on your needs, you can choose between these two options--front versions won't interfere too much with knobs or winders but do restrict light more than others. In contrast, if someone wants total privacy from their windows, they should consider optimising using backheel ones!
We regret that there can sometimes be the rare occasion when your products may receive damage during transit. After receiving them, we ask you to inspect and report any imperfections within five days of delivery for a replacement with some pictures attaching; do not install an item with significant damages on it if delivered as well, Mikes will not take responsibility for this case! Please send us photos along with detailed descriptions at contactus@mikescarpets.com.au, so our customer service team knows what needs fixing.
Since roller blinds are made from durable fabric, there are a variety of styles and colours available. At Mikes Carpet, we offer sunscreen-style roller shades that have been designed to protect your privacy while blocking UV rays with our specialized material. We also provide 100% blockout models for those who want complete darkness or contemporary textured options, which will add visual interest by emphasizing texture patterns found on various surfaces such as wood flooring.