Venetian Blinds

Yes these can be fitted inside the window recess. In fact, this gives the blind a neater look once installed. You can call us to help you install these deep or shallow into the recess as per your preference.
Mike's Carpets Discounters offer venetian blinds that last for at least 7-8 years. These are a long term investment that is completely suited to any space
Venetian blinds made of fauxwood or aluminium are extremely easy to clean. Wiping them across with damp or dry cloth will usually do the job. If you are facing any trouble, you can give our experts a call for guidance.
Venetian blinds provide a customisable light control while providing complete privacy. The blades can be angled in a way where either some or no light is allowed to enter. You can draw up the blinds completely in order to let full light in.