At Mike's Carpets, we make it easy and convenient for you to get the perfect Blinds installation. Review our measuring instructions online or contact one of our experts if needed before submitting your order so that everything can go smoothly! Before checking out, make sure all measurements match up correctly by reviewing what is listed on this page with regards to putting them into practice beforehand; putting an incorrect digit could cause issues later down the road when trying to move furniture back onto its original spots after the installation has been completed.
A front roll is much like the water coming off a waterfall, while back-rolled blinds have their fabric attached at the rear. A key difference between these two types includes how they're mounted: Front Rolled Blinds are typically found inside your window where there may be obstacles behind it; Back Rolling usually occurs on an outside wall because we want our curtains hanging away from those walls! This helps to keep it tight against any architrave or other features for maximum privacy and light control when necessary.
Mikes Carpets Discounters provides cellular blinds that are manufactured in line with Australian Safety Standards. We do our best to spread awareness about the effect of loose blinds on child safety. In addition, you can also call us to help make your blinds more child and pet friendly.
Owing to their unique structure, air pockets are created within the layers of cellular blind fabrics. This property enables moisture resistance in areas such as the bathroom. Nonetheless, the degree of waterproofness varies from fabric to fabric. Cellular blinds made using water resistant fabric are waterproof.