Care Guides

Bamboo flooring Hardwood flooring
Less expensive More expensive
Eco-friendly and sustainable Not very eco-friendly
Harder than some hardfloors and hence highly durable Highly durable with proper maintenance
Easy maintenance Can be refinished multiple times
Every commercial vinyl comes with slip rating specifications in accordance with Australian Standards. Typically based on this slip rating, at Mikes Carpets we offer vinyl sheets specific to the area and application.
commercial vinyl Commercial vinyl flooring is specifically designed to withstand high wear and tear. The primary difference between residential and commercial vinyl is the thickness of the wear layer and the slip rating. The higher the wear layer, higher the durability of the vinyl. It is ideal choice for areas where sanitation and hygiene are a priority like commercial kitchen and hospitals. The wear layer is composed of a polyurethane based compound coating that protects the floor from scratches and stains.
With proper maintenance, a carpet can last several years. If a carpet shows signs of wear and tear and becomes a slip hazard it needs to be replaced.