Tips For Choosing The Right Carpet

Tips For Choosing The Right Carpet

Carpets are the most luxurious feelings under our feet, and are available in many beautiful colours, designs and materials. With so many great variations to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right carpet for yourself.

Considering all the major factors about carpets, these also come with many advantages and disadvantages. Apart from adding a charm to the home decor, carpeting makes the floor safe and helps in reducing the risk of injury during an accidental fall. Whereas, some carpets need frequent cleaning and can’t fit into your busy schedule, while others come with a high price tag and maintenance needs. A cheaper carpet may wear out soon or stubbornly sit with stains which resist the best cleaning efforts from the professionals. Moreover, there is no better substitute than a good quality carpet in terms of warmth, comfort and sound absorption.

Choosing The Right Carpet

Carpets are no smaller investments and need deeper analysis before buying. Protect your investments and choose the right carpet with 10 carpet buying tips from Mike’s Carpet. We have the largest range of carpets in Victoria and delivering quality flooring solutions since 1975.

1. Consider your lifestyle : Having kids and pets in the family are important factors for choosing a carpet for your living space. In such a living space, the best thought is to look for hardwearing carpet in a forgiving colour. It is important to opt for highly durable carpets in colors which don’t show much dirt and soiling. There are many hardwearing options available in the market, such as hard-twist cut or textured loop pile. Apart from this, there are many luxurious options like plush pile in flat colour or a combination of mid to dark tones.

2. Choose the carpet fiber that best fits your needs : There are various types of fibres available in the market and each come with a distinct advantage of its own. Though each is priced according to the quality and built, nylon outperforms all other fibers with high durability, resilience and low maintenance. Amongst other fibres, triexta has excellent stain resistance, polyester is soft & luxurious, while olefin is a good for high-traffic “clean” areas.

3. Know which carpet style would suit you the best: Carpet styles or weaves, also come in many colors. Saxony/velvet/plush is a cut pile which works best in areas of lesser traffic like, formal dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Textured cut pile, available in many colors and varying tuft heights, is best for active lifestyles. It hides dirt and decrease the footprint marks with its two-toned appearance. Frieze is the most durable and most expensive, with life expectancy of 20 years with efficient maintenance. Looped or Berber is popular for its elegant appearance, but they snag down quickly and are much harder to clean.

4. Check quality signs : Check for face weight, number of tuft twists, the carpet density, fibre construction and texture retention warranty period. Always let your salesperson talk about these things. Higher the values, higher is the carpet durability and resilience.

5. Seek the best deal : Get at least three estimates from different dealers, before you finalise a carpet. It is better to not discuss details about other carpet estimates you have received from other places. Beware of sellers who show the tendency to “overmeasure” your carpet needs. Additionally, always choose your carpet installer wisely.

If you still need professional help in choosing and buying carpets in Victoria, Mike’s Carpet is renowned for the exceptional range of carpets in Australia. Contact us now for an expert advice on customised solutions, affordable prices, quality carpets and product services, all tailored to your needs. Call our customer support on 1300 069 340 for best deals and offers.

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