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Best Price And High Quality: Wide Selection In Berber Carpets

Best Price And High Quality: Wide Selection In Berber Carpets

The most recognisable carpet style for any home or commercial property is undoubtedly Berber carpet. There are many features which make the Berber carpets stand out, including the loop pile and the color patterns. With alternating big and small tufts and variant colors, these carpets show high durability and versatility. Inspired, if you are looking for a reliable carpet dealer, Mike’s Carpet specialises in an extensive range of Berber carpets. We ensure great quality and best prices with every carpet sold.

Berber Carpet Colours: Traditionally, the Berber carpets are light in color with flecks of darker brown or grey. Originally weaved by the Berber tribes of North Africa, these carpets represent handcrafted art. With modern variations, Berber carpets have become a trend with flecked/multi-color options to solid color choices – all looped to perfection. The Berber carpet colors are increasingly becoming popular, along with the looped style.

Berber Carpet Prices: With a reputation of being less inexpensive, this residential carpet is a great investment to make. Generally, it is available at cost of other cut-pile styles, but with more durability. The reason which makes them affordable is the use of olefin fiber and affordable manufacturing.

Advantages Of Buying Berber Carpets In Melbourne: With a tribal art origin, the Berber carpets make all the sense with durability. There are many reasons for owning one for your residential or commercial flooring, including,

  • Highly durable, great for high-traffic areas of the home
  • Stain resistance due to tight weave
  • Unique handcrafted appearance
  • Relatively inexpensive to other styles of carpets
  • Thicker and heavier loops of yarn used in manufacturing
  • Casual style which is easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in various color patterns

So, if you are looking for carpets in Australia for your hallway, living area, or commonly used bedroom – Berber carpets from Mike’s Carpet Discounters is for you. Visit our store and explore a whole world of them.

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