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Buy Cut Pile Carpets In Wide Range Of Colors And Patterns

Being extremely comfortable, soft and durable – the carpets can make any room feel warmer and look livelier. The carpets add an inviting tinge to any decor, whether commercial or residential. Available in infinite options, carpets have amazing choices in various styles, colours, textures and sizes. Amongst the wide range of carpet styles, the cut pile carpets are known for their strategic loop cuts during the carpet tufting process. These cuts give the carpet an irresistible softness and denseness due to various levels of thickness in the pile.

Types Of Cut Pile Carpets:
Cut pile carpets are the most common types of carpets in Australia. Being highly appealing, these carpets are also included in the carpet collection at Mike’s Carpet. We have wide range of options in,

Cut Pile Plush: These are recognised by twisted and dense fibres to create velvet-like texture and luxurious aesthetic appeal. The plush effect in the carpets is achieved by cutting the loops at the top, ensuring that they stand even and upright.

Cut Pile Twist: With great similarity to the plush type, the loop tops in this style are cut and levelled to achieve an even surface. The resultant cut pile twist carpet gets a heavily textured and crisp appearance. The twist style is more durable due to the use of taut and tightly twisted yarn.

Cut Pile Frieze: Lying in various directions, the long pile in this type of carpet has a deep texture and shaggy appearance. These are extremely durable and available in different piles – thick, thin, long and short.

Cut Pile Carpets Can Be Used As Area Rugs:

With a sturdy construction, the cut pile carpets at Mike’s Carpets can also be used with great versatility. Giving in-depth colour and contrast to any residential or commercial decor, these carpets are accompanied by maximum durability and safety.

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