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With proper maintenance, a carpet can last several years. If a carpet shows signs of wear and tear and becomes a slip hazard it needs to be replaced.
The underlay plays an important role in the comfort a carpet offers. It serves as a cushion under the carpet which also offers a layer of insulation from the bare sub floor and greatly enhances the comfort and user experience. The two most common types of underlay include rubber and foam. They come in a range of thickness and density. The higher the thickness and density, better the insulation against temperature and sound. A good underlay also increases the lifespan of the carpet as serves as a protective layer. underlay At Mike’s Carpets we offer more than 6 grades of foam underlays and 3 grades of rubber underlays to suit your specific needs.
Most carpets come in 3.66m or rarely 4m wide. One square meter = 1m x 1m = 1sqm One linear meter = 1m x 3.66m = 3.66sqm It is essential to know the prices for comparison.
how to calculate Most carpets come in standard 3.66m wide and rarely 4m wide. We recommend to add about 5% -10%for wastage if any. Following is a simple rough estimate of how much carpet for your room. Let’s start with a simple room; if your room is 4M by 5M, we would use the below formula to get the area: Length in Metres X Width in Metres 5.0mx 4.0m = 20sqm + 2.0sqm (10% wastage) Total area required = 22.0sqm or approximately 6.01 Lineal Meters (22÷3.66) How to calculate for multiple rooms Let’s say you have a room that is a bit more complicated, that isn’t a simple rectangle or square, or you want to use the flooring across multiple rooms. You can still use the calculation as above, but you will need to section off areas of the room using the masking tape so that you have multiple rectangles to get m2 of each area individually. Once you havemeasured each section, you can then use the calculation above to get your square or lineal meter area: Length in Metres X Width in Metres Bedroom A 4.0m x 5.0m = 20m2 Bedroom B 3.5m x 4.0m = 14m2 Passage X 3.5m x 1.0m = 3.5m2 Passage Y 2.0m x 2.0m = 4m2 Total = 41.5m2 + 4.15m (10% wastage) Total required = 45.65m2 or approximately 12.5 Lineal Metres (45.65÷3.66)

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