Frequently Asked Questions

Try giving your floors an exciting twist with rubber tiles for a stylish and secure update. Whether you glue them in place or fit them using interlocking pieces, installation can get more complicated, so why not leave it to the professionals?
This durable rubber material is an ideal choice for people of all ages due to its ability to withstand daily wear and tear and deliver a long-lasting lifespan.
Rubber flooring is an excellent choice for areas that experience high levels of activity. Rubber floors can handle the wear and tear, whether in gyms with heavy equipment or play zones full of running and jumping kids. And in elderly care facilities where safety is paramount, its soft surface and easy-clean features make it an ideal option.
The use of laminate flooring for your home can go step by step, as it is a great option to bring style and comfort when used on staircases. With this type of resilient material, you can experiment with different colors or patterns while enjoying an easily installed surface!
Laminate flooring offers a fantastic alternative to solid hardwood floors, making it perfect for those looking for durability and affordability. It is scratch-resistant and much easier to maintain than traditional wooden surfaces - saving you time and energy on upkeep! Furthermore, laminate comes in an array of design options that can provide the same beautiful aesthetic as natural wood without its exorbitant price tag.
Laminate floor panels are designed to connect easily for a seamlessly beautiful surface. In addition, they feature unique locking systems that secure each panel together, creating an attractive and reliable foundation with lasting durability.
Laminates vs. Hardwood, the age-old debate! While both offer a stunning finish to any space, there are distinct differences you should keep in mind when deciding which is suitable for your home: laminates provide an economical alternative that comes with all kinds of unique looks and textures – perfect for those on a budget. In contrast, hardwood offers unmatched durability and timeless beauty that can last generations if properly taken care of.
There are many different kinds of underlays available to make your carpet feel softer and more comfortable. One option you might want to consider is the PU foam, which has some very appealing qualities like its ability to insulate against heat as well as give off just enough cushioning to be soft on feet with no risk of getting hurt or layering through wear!
Underlayment is a thin layer of material that can be found under many types of flooring. This padding, insulation and sound absorption helps to reduce wear on your floors with time by protecting it from scratches or damages in different ways depending on what you choose.
11 mm-12 mm would be the optimum thickness for underlay. A thick cushioned feel can really make your carpet stand out, so go with what is available and popular in this range.
Broadloom carpets are a great option for the homeowner who wants something more modern and stylish. They cost less upfront, can be found in many different colors/styles from which to choose, while also being easier on your wallet when compared with carpet tiles that may come at higher prices per square meter of flooring space required due its modular design making installation faster and simpler, add carpet tiles are best for commercial areas, few of the commercial graded broadloom carpets are also good choices for commercial layouts!
Most experts recommend removing any previous carpets first, but if you’re having trouble getting your old stuff off at home - don't worry! Your local Melbourne-based experts at Mike’s Carpet can help with that.
One of the most common questions we get asked at Mike’s Carpet and Flooring is if carpet tiles are better than carpets. The short answer? Yes! It’s easy to maintain and simple to replace individual tiles, carpet is the long term solution. They are easier on your feet than traditional wall-to-wall carpets as they don't trap all dirt like there's no tomorrow! With most models made out of low pile material that can be vacuumed easily or swept up with a mop and bucket after use; you'll never have an issue keeping them clean for years at time if not decades.
Laminate flooring is the most durable of all floors, as it's scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The reason why more upscale laminate products might be a better investment for consumers looking to renovate their home regularly could come down simply from durability; however, this comes at an expense with higher prices than carpeted surfaces that provide cheaper options in terms of maintenance cost per square foot or renovation frequency.
White is a great colour for rooms that encourage renewal and relaxation. Pairing your grey carpet with white walls will create the perfect atmosphere to spend time in these spaces, so opt for dark or light greys depending on what type of mood you want to bring out from lighter shades like off-white coloured walls.
It's important to purchase new carpet underlay every time you get a fresh installation. The exception is if the current product is less than 12 months old and in good health. Even then, it can and should be replaced at least once before this period expires.
Loop-pile carpets can be a great choice for hiding dirt and are highly durable, but they lack the softness that many people prefer in their rugs. The cut pile variety has no loops with straight-up fibres attaching to them instead - these types tend to feel much softer and plusher.
A neutral-coloured carpet is a perfect choice for your bedrooms. Because it will work with practically any wall or decor colours, this flooring option can easily blend into every environment while still maintaining its own personality on top! However, if you're looking at very light-coloured carpets like white ones that don't hide dirt as quickly then darker colours.
Try dark colours against light grey walls. However, if you prefer shades with hints of blue then pair it up by using royal blues or navy carpets for an ideal balance between elegance and warmth in your home decorating scheme! Richly-coloured wines like grapevines make great alternatives to reds which will help create more atmosphere due to their vibrant colour schemes while still being luxurious enough.
Laminate floors are a popular choice in kitchens, bathrooms and entryways due to their ease of maintenance. They're also the best option for homes with pets or if people have allergies that cause messiness since laminate doesn't get dirty as easily as carpets do! For bedrooms though, you should choose carpets instead because it's better at absorbing sound while giving you a cozier environment.
Carpets are a cheaper option than laminate flooring. But laminates offer a number of benefits, such as being easier to clean and suffering less from weather-related damage while lasting much longer.
Vacuum your carpet tiles, at least once per week, and if you have lots of visitors, be sure to do so more often. Vacuuming is an excellent way to keep them clean and stain-free! This will help prevent dirt accumulation that could lead to stains or other complications if left unchecked altogether.
The longest-lasting carpets are often a Nylon and Wool fiber. These materials can last up to 20 years, but most will have an average expected lifetime of around 10 - 15 years.
For bedrooms, carpet is the best choice as it's soft and cozy. It also helps reduce sound versus hardwood floors which encourages more sound to bounce around inside your home and to lower floors in the case of apartments; these wooden floors can also make you feel cold even if there are plenty of blankets on hand!
The new neutral has come to stay. From classic beige or grey carpets, these colours are the perfect way to create an elegant yet contemporary look for any room in your home!
In smaller homes, it's important to utilise the same carpet everywhere, this makes the house look bigger than the actual space. However, using complementary designs can create an effect similar but more creatively connects rooms.
There are a few carpet colours that work well for hiding dirt and filth including dark browns or even blues/greens! Pink isn't so great as it just makes everything look ripe. However, lighter shades such as light green can indeed keep up enough to conceal some stains if applied correctly.
The higher the number of stitches per inch, the better. Carpets with thicker layers have a stronger and more durable weave which will help you resist stains easier than thinner carpets do!
The way you make your home feel like a haven can be determined by the colours in it. For example, light-coloured carpets offer an airy feeling because they don't absorb any of the warmth from around them; instead these types reflect back at us giving off more brightness than other floor coverings so our rooms seem larger for having them installed! Light hues are often chosen to help create relaxing environments.
You might be surprised to learn that carpets can last as long as 10 years! if maintained well. That's a lot longer than you would have guessed, and it has something to do with how often we replace them. It turns out most people replace their carpets every 6-7 years; however this isn't always enough if they're in an active home where children play on them all day long, or there are pets running around pasting muddy paw prints everywhere.
You can save money by installing carpet tiles instead of other flooring options because you have fewer offcuts and waste. It's modular design also makes it easy to store extra pieces when needed, so there will never be a need for replacement unless your home needs an upgrade!
Olefin is a cheap but not very durable fibre. It's best suited for low traffic areas that have an emphasis on comfort over durability like living rooms or bedrooms rather than hallways where mobility may be required more often- in those cases you should consider another type of carpeting material such as nylon which has better resilience qualities with less weight per square foot due to its lower density compared to polyprop PP.
If you're looking for the best carpet suppliers in Australia, look no further. We supply all of our customers with high-quality carpets that are made from only premium materials and have an excellent track record when it comes to durability! The following is a list containing information about some popular Australian brand name manufacturers:
  • Godfrey Hirst
  • Cavalier Bremworth
  • Feltex
Your wall colour should be two hues lighter than your carpet. If you have dark walls, it's easy to change them with just a few paint chips! Your final product will have an elegant and cohesive look that matches the rest of any room in which they reside- perfect for those wanting uniformity or someone who likes mixing things up now and then.
Density is the thickness of the fibres and how tightly bound they are. The denser and heavier carpets will stand up better when walked upon or trodden on; thinner ones may give way in places without much pressure applied at all. To test this out for yourself: Bend your sample carpet backwards until you can see its backing clearly - if it has a clear exposé, then we're talking low density (lower quality).
In 2021, neutral colours such as grey carpets will be a popular trend. This is excellent news for countless homeowners since they are easy to incorporate into any type of design or theme!
Nylon is a durable material that can withstand heavy traffic areas and clean easily. However, it's not as stain-resistant compared to triexta carpet yarns which are highly recommended for main living rooms or bedrooms because they present an excellent quality of life when you're on your feet all day long! Polyester carpets don't have enough resilience making them more susceptible to wear-and-tear from kids shoes.
Lighter neutral colours are excellent for producing a minimalist décor. Light and bright colours are great because they can create bold designs, but lighter carpets tend to show stains more easily than darker ones do so you'll want something stain-resistant like the Berber carpet if your home's design includes light surfaces such as walls or shelves that might get dirty often - not just areas near entryways where people walk into the house every day!
The battle for carpet supremacy has been joined by new materials! Pure wool carpets once represented the best in durability, but now there are synthetic fibre that can compete. These modern building blocks of nature are designed with excellent stain and soil-resistant properties as well as water resistance; they also happen to be hypoallergenic, so you will never need an allergy pill while lounging on them at home or work again. At Mikes Carpets, we know that your floors are one of the most important parts of any home. That's why our team specialises in flooring options for each individual need--from carpets to hardwood!
When choosing flooring for your home, there are many factors to consider. Are they busy family rooms with children running around or high traffic areas where liquid spills may occur? Will it be stain-resistant and hard-wearing? What colours best suit not only the functional usage you have in mind but also match the colour palette of décor that suits your lifestyle choices? How much is one willing to spend on carpet and flooring products per square foot. With friendly customer service at Mike’s Carpet Discounters by your side, we'll make sure all these questions get answered, so you know exactly who to trust when making this investment!
We're here to help you. You can call on 1300 069 340 or send a Quick Enquiry. We have set up an online scheduler for any tricky windows that will allow us to come out at your convenience!
When you shop for roller blinds online, there are a few terms that may be unfamiliar. Front roll and back rolls indicate which direction the fabric will move when it gets off of the roller; front-rolled means "like water running downhill" while backs go "afront." Depending on your needs, you can choose between these two options--front versions won't interfere too much with knobs or winders but do restrict light more than others. In contrast, if someone wants total privacy from their windows, they should consider optimising using backheel ones!
We regret that there can sometimes be the rare occasion when your products may receive damage during transit. After receiving them, we ask you to inspect and report any imperfections within five days of delivery for a replacement with some pictures attaching; do not install an item with significant damages on it if delivered as well, Mike’s will not take responsibility for this case! Please send us photos along with detailed descriptions at online@mikescarpets.com.au, so our customer service team knows what needs fixing.
Since roller blinds are made from durable fabric, there are a variety of styles and colours available. At Mikes Carpet, we offer sunscreen-style roller shades that have been designed to protect your privacy while blocking UV rays with our specialized material. We also provide 100% blockout models for those who want complete darkness or contemporary textured options, which will add visual interest by emphasizing texture patterns found on various surfaces such as wood flooring.
You may be wondering what benefits roller blinds provide, and the answer is that these window treatments are easy to clean. They also offer homeowners an unhindered view out of their windows with little obstruction because they're retracted almost entirely when not in use - this type takes up less space than bulky curtains or shades! Additionally, various fabrics are available to match any style preference while remaining affordable enough for many people's budgets.
Vertical blinds are a great way to provide privacy and light filtration in your home. They come in many styles, but some people prefer roller shades because they can be used as both an elegant decoration or something functional - like blocking unwanted sunlight from coming through the window while still allowing you enough transparency for day-to-day activities without any drawing attention away from anything else within that room.
Roller blinds are a type of window covering that can be used in many different situations. They come with the fabric attached to an aluminum roller, which is then wound up and cool or heated for your desired level of darkness and optimizing emphasizing specialized adjustable by means such as chains- spring motorized mechanisms and even motorized varieties!"
At Mikes Carpet, we make it easy and convenient for you to get the perfect Blinds installation. Review our measuring instructions online or contact one of our experts if needed before submitting your order so that everything can go smoothly! Before checking out, make sure all measurements match up correctly by reviewing what is listed on this page with regards to putting them into practice beforehand; putting an incorrect digit could cause issues later down the road when trying to move furniture back onto its original spots after the installation has been completed.
A front roll is much like the water coming off a waterfall, while back-rolled blinds have their fabric attached at the rear. A key difference between these two types includes how they're mounted: Front Rolled Blinds are typically found inside your window where there may be obstacles behind it; Back Rolling usually occurs on an outside wall because we want our curtains hanging away from those walls! This helps to keep it tight against any architrave or other features for maximum privacy and light control when necessary.
Mike’s Carpet Discounters provides cellular blinds that are manufactured in line with Australian Safety Standards. We do our best to spread awareness about the effect of loose blinds on child safety. In addition, you can also call us to help make your blinds more child and pet friendly.
At Mike’s Carpet Discounters, we deal in made to measure cellular blinds. Thus, they are bound to fit your windows without the need to cut or trim.
Owing to their unique structure, air pockets are created within the layers of cellular blind fabrics. This property enables moisture resistance in areas such as the bathroom. Nonetheless, the degree of waterproofness varies from fabric to fabric. Cellular blinds made using water resistant fabric are waterproof.
Absolutely. Cellular blinds are made using fabric that is anti-static and therefore resists dust. This makes them easy to keep clean.
Cellular shades are energy efficient due to their insulation properties. They are also easy to install and clean and are available in a range of fabrics, colours, patterns and so on.
The amount of privacy that curtains offer may vary. Sheer or normal versions may offer a moderate degree of light control and privacy. Meanwhile, blackout curtains not only block our light and offer complete privacy but also provide noise reduction.
Measuring the width of your window from the top can give you an idea about the size of rod that you need to get installed. Nonetheless, the process can be complicated. You can contact our qualified experts instead. They will guide you and help you choose the perfect size for your window.
There is no specified cost for curtains. The general rule is that the more the fabric used, the more is the price. Therefore, curtains that are bigger in size cost more. Additionally, curtain price also depends on factors such as the type of fabric used and patterns on it.
Curtains are versatile window covering solutions that can be installed anywhere with ease. Mike’s Carpet Discounters provides a range of curtains in different colours, fabrics, sizes, lengths and so on. These can also be customised to match your interiors.
Curtains are known to be one of the most preferred window covering solutions that offers insulation. They preserve around 20% of the heat in your surroundings. This helps save considerable money and energy.
Gather, eyelet, knife pleat, rod pocket, triple pinch pleat and wavefold are some common styles that sheers are generally found in. You can consult Mike’s Carpet Discounters to help you with the choosing and installing process.
Contrary to popular belief, sheers are easy to maintain. They only need to be kept away from water and harsh chemicals. In order to clean these, a low suction vacuum or feather dusters can be used. In case of staining, a damp cloth and mild soap instead of hard detergents will do the job. If you don’t understand how to clean your sheers, you can call our experts and we will do our best to help.
While there is no doubt that sheers look best in white, there are certain subtle and deeper colours that these are available in. The use of these may depend on the look of your interiors.
Sheers make your interiors look airy and romantic. They also give the illusion of increased height to a space. Apart from this, they add panache to any room.
Sheers diffuse direct sunlight and soften its glow, letting the perfect amount into your space. These can thereby be used in a layered window coverings setting or on their own. UnLike most other types of shutters, curtains and blinds, these provide complete privacy while letting natural light into your interiors.
Yes these can be fitted inside the window recess. In fact, this gives the blind a neater look once installed. You can call us to help you install these deep or shallow into the recess as per your preference.
Mike's Carpet Discounters offer venetian blinds that last for at least 7-8 years. These are a long term investment that is completely suited to any space
Venetian blinds made of fauxwood or aluminium are extremely easy to clean. Wiping them across with damp or dry cloth will usually do the job. If you are facing any trouble, you can give our experts a call for guidance.
Venetian blinds provide a customisable light control while providing complete privacy. The blades can be angled in a way where either some or no light is allowed to enter. You can draw up the blinds completely in order to let full light in.
Many European countries claim that they are responsible for the invention of these ancient blinds that came to be in the 1700s. Nonetheless, it is believed that they originated in Venice, Italy. Hence that name.
Yes. Our collection of panel glides includes a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns. Contact our experts to help you find the right one that matches your interiors.
Panel glides can either be stacked together from left to right or vice versa. They can also be opened centrally and be split to both sides of your window/ sliding door.
There is no predetermined size for Mike’s Carpet Discounters’ wide range of panel glides. These are available in a variety of layouts and sizes to fit every window conveniently.
Unquestionably. Our panels can be stacked back to give you an unrestricted view and closed back to give you total privacy and blackout interiors. Therefore, you exercise full control on the level of light control and privacy as per your preference.
Mike’s Carpet Discounters provides panel glides that can be opened and closed in one swift glide. Other than this, we also provide glides with free floating and individually fitted panels.
Vertical blinds are extensively used to cover large windows or sliding doors. They are installed 3 inches above the floor or window pane. The main advantage of these is that they offer an unobstructed view when slid open and also impart height and spaciousness.
Absolutely. Mike’s Carpet Discounter provides a range of vertical blinds that can be closed strategically to provide enhanced privacy without blocking out light completely. This provides you an opportunity to enjoy both privacy and brightness.
Unlike block out or coated vertical blinds, uncoated ones create a softer appearance and are more or less sheer in appearance.
Vertical blinds made using block out fabric can block out significant amounts of light. However, due to their panel structure, they cannot completely block out all light. Solid blinds such as roller blinds or blackout curtains can be used when you need your interiors to be completely devoid of light.
The cost of vertical blinds largely depends on the size and fabric of your preference. You can ask our experts for a free quote from us after selecting your preferred variety.
Our plantation shutters are fairly simple to use. They can conveniently be opened and closed by hand.
Due to their aesthetics, density and energy efficiency, plantation shutters are a great addition to bedrooms and living rooms. They are also durable enough to be used in children’s rooms. Fauxwood varieties can also be installed in moisture prone areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
At Mike’s Carpet Discounters, we ensure easy and quick installation of plantation shutters. Our shutters are made to be hinged on your window space perfectly. Feel free to call our experts in order to know more about installation time.
For a grandiose appearance, timber plantation shutters offer class and elegance. However, if budget is a constraint, fauxwood shutters that are made of PVC offer a similar appearance at minimized cost.
Yes. Mike’s Carpet Discounters offer a range of high quality, plantation shutters are long lasting. They are easy to maintain and resilient. Additionally, they are also well suited to a family home with kids and pets.
Absolutely. At Mike's Carpet Discounters, all our blinds are child-safe in compliance with The Australian Standard for internal blinds . The team are passionate about raising awareness of the risks that loose blind cords pose to child safety. We are always on hand to offer advice on keeping your blinds child safe so for more information. Get in touch with us to know more about our roller blinds.
Roller Blinds provide a higher degree of privacy and temperature control than curtains. They are also available in a wide range of colours, styles, designs and patterns. Additionally, they are extremely user friendly.
Generally, it is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions when cleaning roller blinds. However, since they are mostly made of fabric, mild detergents or vacuums can be used to give them a basic clean. Nonetheless, it's best to consult or book an appointment with a professional curtain cleaner before doing the job yourself.
Remembering the effect of colours on your style of interiors can help you select the right roller blinds. As a rule, contemporary interiors can be elevated by dramatic or bold-coloured blinds. For adding a down-to-earth feel to modern interiors, neutral and earthy tones can be used. You can also call our team at Mike’s Carpets to guide you through the selection process when going through our versatile collection.
Roller Blinds can be fitted either inside or outside the recess of your window. When fitted inside the recess they look neat and block out light well. To learn more about whether to fit your blinds inside or outside the recess of your window, kindly contact us and our experts will guide you.

Usually the lifespan of carpets is around 5years for base range and 15 years for mid and higher ranges depending on the fiber. However, this also depends on the amount of foot-traffic it borne over the years. Usually they are good to go until they tear and become a slip hazard or the fibres get worn out. If you experience at least one of the following you should consider replacing your carpet:

Signs that my carpet needs to be replaced:
  • A tear or a slip hazard
  • Fibers are worn out in high traffic areas which leads to thin patches in some places
  • Subjected to water damage
  • You are experiencing asthma/allergies
  • Stains or odour even after steam cleaning
  • Dampness over long time due to vomit, urine etc can create a sanitation hazard
  • Growth of mould
  • Carpet no longer feels soft under feet
  • Wrinkles or bumps in carpet

1. Triexta Carpets from Redbook Green

Ideal combination of plushness, wear and stain resistance makes it a low-maintenance flooring option. The eco-friendly product is suitable for households with children and pets. They are allergy and asthma friendly and some ranges come with 20 year limited residential warranty from the supplier.

Key features:
  • Lifetime Pet Guarantee*
  • Stain protection
  • Strength
  • Enriched Softness
  • Wear and Tear resistance
  • Warranties

Vinyl tiles, planks and Hybrids:

The 100% waterproof vinyl products are ideal for wet areas or places that require frequent sanitation. They are highly durable and resistant to scratches and stains. With proper installation, they can last for many years with very minimum maintenance. Even if a particular portion of the floor is damaged, we can replace that particular plank or set of planks instead of the entire floor.

Key features:
  • Durable
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Waterproof
  • Only replace single planks/tiles
  • Available in different styles and colors
  • Pocket friendly

3. Luxury Sheet Vinyl

The vinyl sheet flooring has been popular since the 1970s which provides a great flooring option with designs to suit the requirements of different spaces and settings. Its low maintenance makes it a popular choice among many commercial settings. They come in various designs like patterns, timber, ceramic looks etc.

Key features:
  • Durable
  • Available in different designs
  • Soft step
  • Waterproof
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Slip resistant
  • Pocket friendly
Yes, like any other floor underlay performs some important functions:
  • Insulation from external noise and heat
  • Provides a moisture barrier to recede the dampness/moisture from reaching the floor boards
  • Covers up minor imperfections
  • Reduce the noise generated by foot-traffic
  • Required to cover manufacturer’s warranty
For subfloors with variations less than 1-2mm this can be overlooked but anything higher would need a floor-prep. If the subfloor has rough surface like concrete exposed it is recommended to prep the floor to improve its standard. This can improve the life span of any flooring.
solid timber
Engineered Timber Solid Timber Laminate
Only wear layer is genuine timber and other layers are processed timber Entire plank is solid timber It is completely processed timberwith a photographic layer on top
It can be sanded and polished few times depending on wear layer It can be sanded and polished multiple times It cannot be sanded or polished
Moderately expensive Most expensive Least expensive
Bamboo flooring Hardwood flooring
Less expensive More expensive
Eco-friendly and sustainable Not very eco-friendly
Harder than some hardfloors and hence highly durable Highly durable with proper maintenance
Easy maintenance Can be refinished multiple times
  • Highly durable
  • Environment friendly
  • Less expensive compared to hardwood flooring
  • Very low formaldehyde emissions
  • Allergy and asthma friendly
  • Easy maintenance
Every commercial vinyl comes with slip rating specifications in accordance with Australian Standards. Typically based on this slip rating, at Mikes Carpets we offer vinyl sheets specific to the area and application.
commercial vinyl Commercial vinyl flooring is specifically designed to withstand high wear and tear. The primary difference between residential and commercial vinyl is the thickness of the wear layer and the slip rating. The higher the wear layer, higher the durability of the vinyl. It is ideal choice for areas where sanitation and hygiene are a priority like commercial kitchen and hospitals. The wear layer is composed of a polyurethane based compound coating that protects the floor from scratches and stains.
Luxury vinyl plank flooring products are a highly durable option and a popular choice for residential homes. Their features include high levels of scuff, scratch and stain resistance making them suitable for busy family homes with active pets and young children. Our vinyl plank collections offer fabulous residential wear and tear warranties of up to 25 years, highlighting their durability when cared for, installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Vinyl planks are laid as a floating floor over the subfloor using a click-and-lock-together technique. If you are installing vinyl plank flooring yourself, closely follow the manufacturer's installation guide to ensure a professional-looking finish.
At Mikes Carpets, all our products come with warranties from the manufacturer with some products having lifetime residential warranties and some limited commercial warranties. Contact one of our stores to know more.
Yes, vinyl floors can be installed over any other floating floor provided the surface is relatively flat.
  • High durability with very low maintenance
  • Enhanced digital photographic layer offers more authentic timber finish
  • 100% waterproof and come with slip resistant surfaces
  • Anti-static and hygienic
Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the best ways to upgrade your interiors. These are flexible tiles/planks manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)with very high durability and resilience. These are of the most maintenance-free floors and can provide a softer step compared to tiles. They do not need any underlay and are 100% waterproof. The planks are flexible and hence can withstand varying climatic conditions. Most often these are glued down to the floor. The hybrids are among the latest innovations in the flooring industry that blend the characteristics of vinyl planks and floating floors. The most important aspect of hybrid boards is that they can be easily installed using click-lock mechanism. The hybrid planks also include an inbuilt underlay that provides enhanced insulation against heat and sound.
While choosing the type of finish and color for a laminate flooring itis important to consider the interior décor. Dark colors on matte finish are ideal for high foot-traffic areas while light colors with glossy finish can reflect more natural light and provide a more spacious effect on the room. The glossy finishing also provides a smooth step for the foot. The color and finish can be chosen to blend-in or standout with the wall colors and furniture in the room depending on your style.
The beauty of a natural timber flooring remains a luxury for many. Laminate flooring enables to get the aesthetic looks of a natural timber floor on a more affordable price. Sometimes depending on the wood, the HDF laminate boards can endure wear and tear better. The laminates also offer better stain and fade resistance. This is a great choice for a house with lot of foot traffic such as hallways and lounge rooms etc. This also remains a popular choice for investment properties due to its ease of maintenance and durability.
laminate const A laminate floor is a budget friendly floating floor that is manufactured using glued HDF (High-Density Fibre) planks. Most often these are click-locked and are supported by an underlay. At Mikes Carpet we offer a range of underlay options that vary in thickness and insulation in compliance with BCA standards and fire rating requirements of different Body Corporates. Different manufacturers adopt different methods to manufacture the laminate floor boards. Most of them include three main layers:
  • Wear Layer: This is the top-most transparent layer that is primarily designed to withstand scratches and regular wear and tear.
  • Design Layer: This layer lies underneath the wear layer and depicts the photographic imitation of timber
  • Core Layer: This layer consists of the HDF core that provides the structural strength to the floor.
Laminate floors are generally water-resistant but not waterproof. This is one of the primary reasons that it is not recommended for wet areas.
Laminate Engineered Timber
Budget friendly Comparatively expensive
Good scratch resistance and fade resistance Susceptible to scratches
High resilience and ease of maintenance High resilience andease of maintenance
Not suitable for wet areas Not suitable for wet areas
Offers good finish but cannot match a timber floor Offers great finish and sophistication.
  • Eco-friendly choice: These floorboardsare more sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Authentic timber finish: The top wear layer consists of authentic timber and hence provides the same finish as luxurious timber flooring.
  • Better resilience: These floors are more strong and sturdy owing to the engineered construction of the mid-layers. They can withstand higher moisture and temperatures.
  • Light on the pocket: Due to the engineered core construction, theyare more economical than traditional solid timber floors. Their locking mechanisms also reduces the installation costs
An engineered timber is the next innovation in timber flooring after solid timber. These have been in use for some time now. They offer the advantages of timber flooring while eliminating some of its disadvantages. An engineered timber plank contains several layers and supplier adopt different methods in manufacturing them. They primarily consists of:
  • A top wear layerof authentic timber
  • Multiple mid-layers compressed filler boards
  • Base layer which serves as backing
The specific design of engineered timber means it offers a range of performance benefits over solid hardwood, such as stability and sustainability. Engineered timber floorboards can be incorporated into your home in exactly the same way as any solid hardwood, from basic flooring to feature walls, joinery or countertops. Two different ranges of timber are dissected below: Construction of European Oak: Construction of Rigid Core Timber: Construction of Australian Hardwood Range: Note: The layers can vary depending on the supplier.
wet-hybrid   Hybrids tend to have two kinds of finishes:
  • Smooth finish: This type of hybrids are very smooth and can be slippery and hence not recommended for wet areas.
  • Embossed finish: This type of hybrids have a brushed texture which runs along the grains which improves their slip resistance and also attempts to imitate a timber’s texture.
Yes. Hybrid can be installed on other hard floors provided the surface is fairly flat without much variations. If there are variations then a floor prep may be needed. A floor prep can be done by adding a layer of leveling compound or using Masonite boards.
A hybrid flooring is made predominantly from PVC (vinyl) and limestone powder. Its expansion is the least compared to any other type of flooring.
  • Better resilience than laminates and other floating floors
  • Has great scratch resistance
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy installation. The boards can be click-locked together
  • Built-in underlay.
  • Stable with temperature variations and waterproof
  • Compared to laminatesthey can be expensive
  • The subfloor needs to be fairly flatwithout bumpsor variations. If not, a floor prep is needed before hybrid installation
  • The click-lock systems are sensitive and needs to be installed with care. Once installed properly they can last several years.
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight for several years can lead color variations/fading.
Hybrid flooring is one of the recent trends in the flooring industry in Australia which can be installed throughout the house including wet areas. It's a fusion between vinyl planks and laminate floors. These are imitation of timber floors on synthetic materials that improve the durability and resilience of the floor. hybrid It's completely waterproof and suitable even for bathrooms and laundry. It's one of the most rugged flooring and highly resistant to scratches. Hybrids are heatproof and stable even in extreme temperatures. The hybrids are floating floorboards with a click-lock system which makes its installation easier. The hybrid planks come with their own layer of underlay which enhance the insulation and sound proofing properties. Among floating floors, hybrids are among the ones with the best acoustic properties. A hybrid plank construction is illustrated below.
With proper maintenance, a carpet can last several years. If a carpet shows signs of wear and tear and becomes a slip hazard it needs to be replaced.
The underlay plays an important role in the comfort a carpet offers. It serves as a cushion under the carpet which also offers a layer of insulation from the bare sub floor and greatly enhances the comfort and user experience. The two most common types of underlay include rubber and foam. They come in a range of thickness and density. The higher the thickness and density, better the insulation against temperature and sound. A good underlay also increases the lifespan of the carpet as serves as a protective layer. underlay At Mike’s Carpets we offer more than 6 grades of foam underlays and 3 grades of rubber underlays to suit your specific needs.
Most carpets come in 3.66m or rarely 4m wide. One square meter = 1m x 1m = 1sqm One linear meter = 1m x 3.66m = 3.66sqm It is essential to know the prices for comparison.
how to calculate Most carpets come in standard 3.66m wide and rarely 4m wide. We recommend to add about 5% -10%for wastage if any. Following is a simple rough estimate of how much carpet for your room. Let’s start with a simple room; if your room is 4M by 5M, we would use the below formula to get the area: Length in Metres X Width in Metres 5.0mx 4.0m = 20sqm + 2.0sqm (10% wastage) Total area required = 22.0sqm or approximately 6.01 Lineal Meters (22÷3.66) How to calculate for multiple rooms Let’s say you have a room that is a bit more complicated, that isn’t a simple rectangle or square, or you want to use the flooring across multiple rooms. You can still use the calculation as above, but you will need to section off areas of the room using the masking tape so that you have multiple rectangles to get m2 of each area individually. Once you havemeasured each section, you can then use the calculation above to get your square or lineal meter area: Length in Metres X Width in Metres Bedroom A 4.0m x 5.0m = 20m2 Bedroom B 3.5m x 4.0m = 14m2 Passage X 3.5m x 1.0m = 3.5m2 Passage Y 2.0m x 2.0m = 4m2 Total = 41.5m2 + 4.15m (10% wastage) Total required = 45.65m2 or approximately 12.5 Lineal Metres (45.65÷3.66)
We have compiled the following into give you 4 easy steps in choosing a carpet. 1. Choose the fiber
  • Purpose of the room.
  • Amount of foot traffic.
  • Budget
  • Pet friendly?
2. Choose the style
  • Matching your interior décor and lifestyle.
  • Texture you would like to have.
  • Amount of foot traffic
3. Choose the color
  • Want the carpet to blend into room or stand out from the rest?
  • Want the room to look spacious?
  • Want the room to be calm or active?
4. Pricing
  • Book a free measure and quote with us. Our consultants will bring samples. Get your carpets done from the comfort of your home.

Cut Pile:

The cut pile carpets are the ones where the fibers are looped into the carpet backing and the top of the loops are cut off leaving flat tufts of fiber. 1. Cut Pile Plush:
  • Shorter pile length and the piles are twisted together.
  • Twisting of fiberscreates texture under light
  • Soft and offer a formal look
  • Prone to footprints and vacuuming
  • Suitable to medium to low traffic areas
2. Cut Pile Twist:
  • Piles in this type are twisted and hence the pile get oriented along different directions
  • Offer superior comfort and feel
  • Compared to cut pile, they are less likely to show footprints or tracking
  • Suited for areas with high foot traffic

Loop Pile:

In this type, the fibers are looped into the backing of the carpet to form continuous loops. 1. Level Loop Pile:
  • All the loops are uniform in length
  • Textures are produced in these by varying the tightness of loops
  • Doesn’t show footprints
  • Best suited for high traffic areas
2. MultiLevel Loop:
  • Loops are in different heights
  • Loops in different sequences are used to create patterns
  • Well suited for medium to high-traffic areas.
  • Alsocalled High-Low loop pile

Combination Cut and Loop Pile

They contain combination of cut and loop pile to create patterns. They can also create sculptured effects under different lighting conditions. 1. Textured Cut and Loop Pile
  • Combination of cut and loop tufts
  • Soft and smooth textured feel
  • Different patterns which give a great appeal
  • Less prone to foot prints
  • Suited for medium to high traffic
2. Level Cut and Loop Pile
  • Combination of level loop and cut fiber tufts
  • Suited for medium to high traffic
  • Less prone to foot prints and vacuuming
  • It’s a natural fiber which is warm, luxurious and durable.
  • Its hard wearing and can last for several years with good maintenance.
  • It has excellent noise and heat insulation.
  • Its superior properties places it on the expensive side of pricing.
  • It's blend of natural corn sugar and synthetic polymer.
  • It is extremely resilient, durable, luxurious and soft
  • It has very good stain resistance. Most stains can be cleaned using cold water.
  • It is highly resistant to fadingof colors
  • It is pet friendly.
  • It’s a synthetic fiber known for its toughness and durability
  • It inherits some of the stain resisting properties of triexta at a comparatively lower price
  • It has a wide variety of colors and available in different styles
  • It is well suited for busy living areas with pets and offers plushness and comfort.
Wool Blend:
  • It gives the natural and luxurious feel of wool along with toughness and resilience of synthetic fibers
  • It often consists of 80:20 with 80% wool and remaining synthetic fiber.
  • It’s a more affordable synthetic fiber which offers value for money
  • It’s better suited for low traffic areas such as study, guest room and child’s room.
  • Its also a more affordable synthetic fiber
  • Its ideal for investment properties or play rooms.
  • Its better suited for low traffic areas.
The carpets can be easily classified based on:
  • Fiber
  • Style