Are You Skipping Floor Cleaning This Spring?

Are You Skipping Floor Cleaning This Spring?

Winter leaves the floor with dust, dirt, germs, and chemical, leaving you with so much to clean when the chilly winds finally subside. Spring floor cleaning is tiresome, especially if your place is big, with lots of furniture. Cleaning the floor requires attention and patience, and of course, a little bit of technique.

Whether you floor us of timber, ceramic, vinyl or carpeted, foreign particles are going to stick to it. The first step of any floor cleaning activity is vacuuming. Vacuum the loose dust particles. Then wipe the floor with a wet cloth.

However, for fast and trouble free cleaning, you need to use a cleaning technique that suits your floor type. Every type of flooring material has its specific set chemical and physical properties. Thus, the effective cleaning technique for one floor type won’t work on others.

cleaning1. Timber Floors
As you would already know Timber Floors are of two types: unsealed and sealed. Timber is a fragile substance; it can take irreversible damage from a strong cleanser or detergent. Thus, for cleaning wooden floors, use natural products. For cleaning unsealed timber floors, use linseed oil while vinegar and vegetable oil are recommended for sealed floors.

If your floor is timber unsealed, soak oil on a piece of cloth and mop it on the surface of the timber floor.

2. Ceramic Floor

Maintaining a ceramic floor is much harder than a timber floor, probably hardest of all floor types. And unlike other types of floor, it should be cleaned daily. For best result, soak a rug in warm water and scrub the floor thoroughly. Your floor won’t be damaged if you exert some extra force to remove the mould and mildew.

3. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is the most common type of flooring found in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s the easiest of all floor types to maintain. Use a combination of wet and dry rug to clean this type of flooring. To make the vinyl shine again, apply acrylic polish from time to time.

4. Carpeted Flooring

The most fragile type of flooring—carpeted flooring—needs extra care to use as well as to maintain. In case of this type of flooring at home, vacuum cleaner is your best friend. Vacuum its surface now and again. If there are a few minor stains, use water to dash them out. However, you may have to use a proper cleanser to remove stains that are more stubborn. Ask your flooring guy, “which solution can be used safely.”


Hope you have changed your mind and already ready with a broom and a mop to start this year’s spring cleaning session. As I told you, cleaning floor is not that hefty to carry out if proper techniques are applied.

Regardless, if you still think, you can’t clean your carpet by yourself. Ask our floor cleaning advisors or call 1300 069 340

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