Having Wooden Floor at Home? Five Spring Care Tips

Having Wooden Floor at Home? Five Spring Care Tips

Today, I’ll demonstrate 5 habits to take care of timber floors.

1.  Entry & Traffic

No matter how hard you try, you can’t cut visitor to your home. At most you can restrict the dust and other harmful elements that enter along. Here are some products that are useful:

  1. Entry Mat: As the name suggest, a door mat is placed at the entryway and sticks most of the dirt and dust from one’s shoes.
  2. Boot Cleaner: Similarly, a boot cleaner have strong elongated fibres over it that cleans dirt and dust that generally sticks to shoes.
  3. Entry Mop: Keep a mop ready at the entrance to quick clean your home’s alleyway.

2.    Pets

wooden-flooring-tipsIf you have pets at home, then you need more than door mats at your entrance. Cause pets bring more that dirt and dust to home. Yes, I am talking about fleas, lice, ticks and mites. If your pets are constantly roaming around the house, continuous mopping can become a huge annoyance.

Nobody wants to mop every other hour. We recommend buying yourself an auto mop that automatically mops the floor at regular intervals.

No doubt, an auto mop will cost you many times an everyday mop. But if you have pets at home and still want to keep your interiors clean, this is sure shot bet.

3. Upholstery

Many pieces of Furniture placed at your place probably will have metal plates at the bottom. These pieces when slid over a fragile piece of flooring can damage it. The abrasion from the tough metal foot can be severe to mild, especially on timber floors.
Regardless, your flooring will start taking a toll on itself with sliding of those pieces of furniture. Consequently, your flooring will have quite visible marks all over the place, and you may have to replace it sooner than expected.

While sliding any piece of furniture with metal feet is still a no-no, for the time you have to consider these small but useful things:

  1. Chair Socks: Actual socks that you can put over your movable furniture’s legs to avoid abrasion.
  2. Magic Slider: Slider that gets attached to your movable furniture’s feet.
  3. Felt Bottom: Similar to the slider.
  4. Cleaning

When it arises that you will have to find the appropriate cleaner for your floor, it is preeminent to try to follow the washing instruction that flooring manufacturer provide and generally included in the help manual.  Some flooring companies sell their own flooring cleaner. Only use a third party cleaner if your manufacturer is not recommending one.

Some types of cleaners to avoid on your floor, unless mentioned by your flooring manufacturer:

  • Very hard chemicals and cleaners
  • Waxes
  • Excessive use of cold water

5. Finish Maintenance

The best type of flooring is the one that doesn’t require maintenance, frequently. No matter how good your flooring material is—the best one l imported from Italy or a rare form of hardwood, if it requires frequent maintenance than it is the worst piece of flooring for you. So make a wise choice. Don’t go by the hype or what your neighbour considers is the best. Learn from your habits, daily routine, number of visitors, locality before making the final judgement.

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