A Guide to Buy Wooden floors in Australia

A Guide to Buy Wooden floors in Australia

timber-floorIn today’s market buying a timber flooring can be a complicated task.

The complication mainly accounts for the many types of wooden flooring available in the market. On top of that, personal choices in the terms of cost, appearance and wear, further complicate this task.

Prospective buyers are tend to be extra choosy as timber flooring sets the decorum of a room.

If you tend to be like careless, you might end up doing the opposite—upsetting the decorum.

If you look at the current wooden floor market, you’ll find there are many types of them available principally:

  • Solid timber floors
  • Floating floors
  • Parquetry
  • Hardwood

Solid timber floors

As the name suggests, they are constituent of solid lengths of wood that are linked by the means of interconnecting tongues and grooves. Although Solid timber floors are supposed to be used over bearers and joists as the subfloor, a concrete slab would work too if you insist on experts.

Solid timber floorings are still the most popular type of wooden flooring used in Australia. However, majorly because of its complicated installation procedures, it’s losing its popularity to other types of wooden flooring.

Floating floors

Although not as popular as solid timber floors, Floating timber floors, nowadays, is gaining in popularity.  The primary reason of this gain can be accounted to the ease of installation, a prevalent problem with Floating Floors.

Secondly, this type of floorings possess outstanding sound-proofing qualities because of a foam insulation blanket on which they lie. If you would have done Solid timber flooring before, you would be well aware how much time it takes to complete. With floating floors, you can cut all that time, very helpful for apartment’s flooring.


If design and looks are on the top of your mind, then Parquet floors are perfect for you. Those beautiful jigsaw patterned wooden slabs or mosaic designs are sure to give your floor a new life. Adding to the advantages, these flooring can be placed on the top any flat, solid subfloor including concrete.

Parquetries are usually available as panels or tiles although the traditional way of putting individual timber fingers are also used. The main advantage of traditional method is this that can use different kinds to create a contrast.


The old school style, Hardwoods are used for flooring particularly in older-style houses. Made from Pine wood, Hardwood floorings are preferred over softwoods as they are better resistant to indentation.

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