A HOW TO on installing new carpet to your flooring

A HOW TO on installing new carpet to your flooring

Everybody will agree to my statement that Carpets are being used not just to enhance the look and feel of your flooring but also to enhance the life of your floorings. But when it comes to install new carpet, many people get confused at whom to consult and how much to pay for this tedious and tough job.

However you may execute this task at your own very easily by following some great tips provided here by the Carpets Melbourne expert.

Tips on How to install new carpet

First thing first:

First of all you need to remove old carpet and adhesive completely so as to make sure your new carpet gets installed easily and quickly. We have provided a set of tips on how to remove old carpet adhesive in our News & Article Section on our website.

•    Once you have removed the old carpet and adhesive, now is the time to nail the strips over the room using masonry nails. But be careful and make sure you have joined the strip joins together.
•    Then cut the carpet padding and make sure the carpet pieces fit the room size.
•    Now lay the padding waffle side up then stable it along side its edge every 5-6 inches, also cover up the seams with duct tapes.
•    Now it’s time to cut the carpet. First, you need to measure the room size before cutting the carpet.
•    Now join the carpet seams, overlap the carpet edges and make sure you have left at least 2-3 inches of carpet at the wall. You can use seaming tape to join the seams. Now to let the adhesive melt, use the seaming iron, just slowly pull down the iron to let the adhesive melt and once it is melted quickly bring the carpet edges together and press them over the tape.
•    Now is the time to hook the carpet. This is done by using knee kicker. Use knee kicker to hook up the carpet to tackless strip in the corner.
•    Use power stretcher to stretch the carpet to the opposite wall side.
•    Trim and cut the remaining/excessive carpet.
•    Finally trim the carpet at the doorway in such a way that the end of the carpet centers shut door.

However, we have made our best efforts to present the details to you in assisting you in installing carpets, we may suggest you to call up and consult any professional carpet service provider if you are not confident of doing this job at your own because it is better to get it done by experts as carpets you buy don’t come free!

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