All you want to know about vinyl floors

All you want to know about vinyl floors

Vinyl is basically made up by mixing plasticisers with polyvinyl chloride. Used as a flooring material it is available in solid sheets and tile forms.

Affordable to the core, the vinyl floors have versatile usage and are easy to install. These are also a preferred choice in offices as they cater a professional look. Sheets need adhesive while tiles are available in peel and stick format.

The vinyl floor sheets or tiles can be trimmed with knife to make it perfect fit for rooms of any shape. Vinyl also comes with padding for cushioned effect and for sound and heat absorption.

These are most suitable for kitchen and bathroom areas where there are chances spilling or has high moisture. For a unified floor covering, you can cut the flooring to fit around obstacles.

Vinyl floors are sold at hardware stores, home stores and online stores. There are different accents of vinyl including wooden look and style as well. Three types of vinyl flooring includes no wax floors can be washed and needs polishing. Urethane coated floors are stain, scrape resistant while enhanced urethane are made in such a way that they resist dirt, abrasions and stains.

Removing vinyl floors is another area where prudent thought and various other considerations are applicable. It is advisable to wear a mask for safety if the vinyl consists of asbestos.

Hammer, trowel, utility knife and crowbar are used for uninstallation. The topic of removing is quite large and we would address it in the coming posts. So, more on vinyl should be expected in next posts. Keep reading!!

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