Bamboo floors – a tangible, lasting timber flooring solutions

Bamboo floors – a tangible, lasting timber flooring solutions

Bamboo floors are becoming increasingly popular for their natural appeal. These user-friendly floors signify the ‘go green’ attitude. Available in plenty, bamboo is the finest row material for flooring solutions. The best alternative to hardwood, bamboo floors with distinctive nodal patterns are considered ideal form of timber flooring.

There are many advantages along with slight flip side of bamboo floors:

bamboo-flooring-solutionsBamboo floors are safest option for people having allergies. The floor can be easily dusted leaving no room for dust or pollen causing allergens. Easy to clean and maintain these require practically no maintenance.

Bamboo is hardest wood making it a durable flooring solution. Apart from the horizontal and vertical patterned wood, compressed or woven wood is very tenacious in nature. It is 73% harder than the traditional bamboo. Thus, in terms of durability bamboo proves best type of timber flooring

When it is about budget, bamboo is economical compared to hardwood and other contemporary types of timber flooring. So, for all those who are looking for a robust, allergy proof flooring material, bamboo is the ideal choice.

Water resistance is another feature of bamboo which makes it unique. Though it is not water proof the wood is still an ideal choice for areas like kitchen where water spilling is a frequent thing. This property makes bamboo the most widely used form of timber flooring.

Bamboo is a renewable resource. It is also resilient towards bug attack making it a manageable flooring solution. The natural colour of this wood brings an ethereal effect in the space. So, all those who prefer real looking timber floors can just choose bamboo.

Talking about the flip side of the coin, horizontal and vertical type of bamboo wood are softer than compressed and hardwood. This questions the durability of the material. Moreover, the colour sometimes looks pale making the appearance dull.

Overall, when you want organic and native looking floors with high tenacity and low cost, bamboo would suffice your needs of an excellent timber flooring solution.

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