Bamboo – ideal material for timber flooring in the kitchen

Bamboo – ideal material for timber flooring in the kitchen

Kitchen flooring demands a sense of good understanding and far sightedness. The kitchen area is exposed to frequent splattering and damping.

For these reasons it needs effective flooring solutions. In the realm of timber flooring, bamboo champions as the ideal material. For its characteristic properties of durability and ease of maintenance bamboo suits all kitchen types.

Let’s check the properties which make bamboo most suitable for kitchen flooring:

Bamboo wood complies with the environmental standards. It is the most environment friendly material oozing 35% more oxygen then the rest of the hard wood trees. Moreover, it is extremely durable compared to other form of timber flooring certifying it to be the best for kitchen floors.

Bamboo has low moisture absorption rate making it ideal as timber floor in the kitchen. Kitchen area frequently goes through spills and splatters so timber with less moisture absorption coefficient is most suitable for it.

Bamboo is the most renewable hard wood material. With ample supply due to fast growing cycles of 3-5 years of harvest, bamboo is easily available at cost effective rates. This is the foremost reason for the popularity of bamboo for indoor and outdoor timber flooring.

Bamboo has high resistance to UV damage and abrasions. Its sturdiness makes it a preferable choice for kitchen flooring. In addition bamboo has zero affinity towards rotting, cracking, wear and tear. That makes bamboo the best available timber flooring for kitchen.

Bamboo is very dense natural looking wood which makes the ambience native in look and feel. Plus the density of the material makes it termite resistant. Thus, the use of bamboo as timber flooring in kitchen is apt as it is natural, pesticide free material which creates a natural barrier for the entry of termites in the kitchen space.

It is very easy to polish and refurbish floors made out of bamboo. Thus, you can any time give a new look to the kitchen by polishing the timber flooring with matt or luminous shine. This way you can easily maintain the kitchen area with least expense.

Bamboo can be made to look fashionable through beautiful artwork, polish and textures. Thus when you want to dash the kitchen with a style statement, bamboo is again the most suggested option.

All these reasons make bamboo a versatile material for timber flooring in kitchens. In addition engineered bamboo is easy to purchase at affordable rates. So, if you are planning to refurbish the kitchen area or doing up a new kitchen then bamboo is the best form of timber floor!

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