Believe in Feng Shui? Choose the Right Carpet

Believe in Feng Shui? Choose the Right Carpet

The aftermaths of Feng Shui are felt in the human mind, body and spirit in ways that can either enhance or diminish one’s personal aura. Undeniably flooring defines the overall visual impression of your space. But the question is about choosing the embellishing ideal carpet in respect to Feng Shui.

Positive energy is inextricably linked to the personal health and well-being of your space. From the energy perspective, flooring is regarded as the basic foundation which is obviously expected to be strong and secure. Feng Shui experts recommends the seamless installation of the flooring as that depicts smooth flow of the energy, be it of any material as that is regarded of least importance. Shaky grounds attracts fluctuations in the inner energy that can affect your health, mood, work and relationships.

Shapes laid out with proper directions are of much importance under Feng Shui. For an instance, Round shapes symbolize spirituality and peace. Rectangular or square shaped carpet flooring ideas unite intellectual, technological and material areas. The energy of Oval shape is universal and powerful.

You can choose any color falling under the elements of Feng Shui. For example, golden, orange and red colors strengthens the positive effect and brings fortune. To improve on your finances, Mikes Carpets recommends brown colored carpet where in a piece of dried moss or algae be kept hidden under.

While choosing the carpets design and texture of the carpet, prefer designs that are logical to step upon like sand pattern or a garden pathway.

Feng Shui holds a lot of importance but was rarely known with that of carpets. Make the change and feel the positive anomaly with Mikes Carpets.

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