Buyer’s Guide To Timber Flooring

Buyer’s Guide To Timber Flooring

In a marketplace where choices are unlimited, purchasing the right timber flooring can be a daunting task–visiting hundreds of stores, looking for each’s vast collection, and then picking the one out of hundreds if not thousands.
tips-choosing-timber-floors The choices are dependent upon number of factors including individuals’ choices, the cost, look and wear, and the colour.

Potential buyers are often inclined to pay extra if a wooden flooring raises the decorum of their homes. On the other hand, if they tend to be uncaring, ignorant, you may rather end up doing exactly the opposite—disturbing the decorum of their homes.

The present wooden floor market is filled with the types if you happen to visit someday. So of the popular types are:

  • Solid timber floors
  • Floating floors
  • Parquetry
  • Hardwood

While buying a timber flooring, here are the things you should keep in mind.

1. Preplanning

Planning before going out and buying a timber flooring is important. Make a list of things you have come to expect of your flooring, whether you need it for domestic or commercial purpose. Of course, you may always take help from an expert. In addition, many blogs and articles are available on the internet if you’re tech savvy.

2. Calculate the floor size

Having a rough calculation of your floor’s size, can ease timber floor selection based on the type and budget. If you’re not sure of the size, buying the flooring in excess to avoid any shortfall.

3. Select the tone

Although light coloured floorings are preferred over dark ones, sometimes dark ones better suit the decorum of your home. Consider about the mood and panache of your home or the office that you want to have. This will aid you in determining your pick.

4. Where to buy

If you stay in a major town, then there would probably tens of hard stores selling different type of timber flooring. Another option is to look for online seller. An online store may come pretty handy when you want to do a price comparison for the best deal. However, many hardware stores offer last minute deals if you’re buying in bulk. In addition, stores, whether online or Brick mortar, offer annual discounts. Look around, which store is offering discounts at the current point of time?

5. Consult an expert

You may be doing a lot of research online or consulting your neighbours who have done timber flooring before. But an expert’s advice is worth thousand words. Look for an expert in this field for an unbiased advice before making the final purchase. He or she may give you an advice that may change your decision or lookout about timber flooring altogether.


Don’t go out and choose a time flooring from you neighbouring store. Take some time to revise your choices, consult experts and your neighbours for tips and warnings, look for a few stores in your city or online and then make the purchase.

Above all, no matter from where you buy from, at what cost, or of which material, never compromise on quality.

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