Carpets – Common problems and solutions

Carpets – Common problems and solutions

Home and office carpets at times offer some problems that need to be fixed to keep look and feel of the carpet fresh and elegant. Here is a list of problems that you might come across with solutions that will help you fix them.

Browning:- Also known as cellulosic browning, browning gives a brownish appearance to your carpet. This is due to the vegetable dye present in jute that causes that. Spraying a souring agent can help you get rid of browning. Alternatively, acid rinsing can also help.

Delamination:- It is a myth that delamination comes about due to moisture. Moisture contributes to delamination; however, this is not the only possible cause for delamination.

Normal wear and tear, age as well as improper application of adhesive can cause this problem. It might be surprising but the problem doesn’t surface unless the carpet is exposes to moisture.

In a nutshell, moisture just surfaces the problem. One of the ways to get rid of the problem is to reglue the seams. Alternatively, in severe cases carpet stretching tools are required.

Static:- Static electricity can build up in a carpet as well. It can happen with both synthetic and natural carpets. Static gets built up due to different kind of materials rubbing together. Carpets are walked over the entire day. Shoes and carpets are made of different materials. As humidity decreases, static build up increases; hence static build up can be controlled by the use of humidifiers.

Incomplete soil removal:- It happens due to improper pre-vacumming or workmanship and cleaning equipment not functioning properly. You should probe as much as you can while buying carpets as it will make your life easy. Always ensure that cleaning wands, hoses are not blocked, broken or damaged. Always choose appropriate cleaning chemicals as recommended by the manufacturer.

Stiffness:- Stiffness in carpet can be due to several reasons such as use of hard water and over use of chemicals etc. Besides, residues which were not completely removed also cause stiffness. vacummings  can fix the problem for you; however, in worst cases a pile lifter may be required as well.

Crocking:- Transference of colour from carpet to another surface is known as Crocking. Crocking can be controlled by acid rinsing. You can use citric acid or acetic acid for the same.

Odours:- As it may not seem to be the case, but even after drying, bad smell can become prominent again. Urine, mildew and other types of odours can be very stubborn and do not leave the carpet soon. You can resort to cleancare urine contamination treatment. If it doesn’t fix the problem, you can go for deodorisation process.

As aforementioned poor workmanship can leave you with quite a few problems to deal with. It is recommended to be very careful while buying carpets. You should always take the sub contractor’s experience into consideration. Many carpet sellers do not have their own installers and they get it done by their priority sub contractors.

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