How to Choose the Best Quality Loose Lay Vinyl Planks?

How to Choose the Best Quality Loose Lay Vinyl Planks?

When we say ‘Best Quality Loose Lay Vinyl Planks’, there is always a great exclamation in ‘Those are 100% waterproof’. With such innovation, these planks are best for wet floors as they are designed to keep the moisture away from sinking through the subfloor or beyond. Moreover, the loose lay vinyl planks make an incredible glueless floor system with practically no flooring movement with a unique backing. These planks are also highly durable, proving themselves as an easier option to hardwood flooring. At Mike’s Carpet, we provide the best solutions in loose lay vinyl plank flooring – with high resilience, easier and faster installation.

With a lot of options in vinyl flooring, it is important to know about features and benefits of the Best Quality Loose Lay Vinyl Planks before buying them for your residential or commercial property.
Loose Lay Vinyl Planks


ECO-FRIENDLY: These vinyl flooring options satisfy green building standards and are highly suitable for commercial applications.

SAFE IN FLOORING OPTIONS: They meet highest safety standards in terms of flammability codes, and slip resistant requirements.

Quality loose lay vinyl planks are foam-backed with a fibreglass core, providing flexible and cushioned surface for sound suppression.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE: These floors work with simple damp mopping as recommended cleaning

WATER RESISTANT: Being highly impervious to moisture and wet spills, these planks are perfect for areas that need to ensure that no water seepage occurs beneath the concerned floor.

STRENGTH, RESILIENCE AND DURABILITY TO PLANK FLOORING: The loose lay vinyl planks are highly resistant to stains, scratches, scuff and dents.

POLYURETHANE ANTIMICROBIAL COATING: With a top coating, these planks eliminate dirt on the surface and can destroy up to 99.9% of harmful microbes.

COST-EFFECTIVE: The loose lay vinyl planks feel and look rich at much lower cost than hardwood flooring.

EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY: With great ability to withstand wear and tear of high-traffic areas, this vinyl flooring option displays great sustainability.

RESILIENT UNDERFOOT: Due to multi-layered construction, these vinyl plank floors feel more resilient under the feet. They are also warmer than the ceramic flooring options available in the market.

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