Choosing the Right Timber Floor

Choosing the Right Timber Floor

choosing-right-timber-flooring-tips In today’s marketplace purchasing a timber flooring can be a complex task. The difficulty mainly accounts for the numerous types of timber flooring available in the market. On top of that, individual choices in the terms of cost, look and wear, further complicate this task.
Potential buyers are inclined to be extra particular about wooden floorings set the dignity of a room. If you tend to be like uncaring, you might end up doing the conflicting—disturbing the decorum.

If you look at the present wooden floor market, you’ll find there are various types of them available principally:

  • Solid timber floors
  • Floating floors
  • Parquetry
  • Hardwood

Solid timber floors

As the name suggests, they are component of solid distances of wood that are connected by the means of interlocking tongues and channels. Although Solid timber floors are thought to be used over bearers and joists as the subfloor, a concrete slab would toil too if you contend on experts. Solid timber floorings are quiet the most prevalent type of timber flooring used in Australia. However, majorly because of its complex fitting procedures, it’s trailing its popularity to other types of timber flooring.

Floating floors

Though not as prevalent as solid wooden floors, Floating timber floors, these days, is ahead in popularity.  The main reason of this improvement can be accounted to the simplicity of installation, a predominant problem with Floating Floors. Furthermore, this kind of floorings own outstanding sound-proofing potentials because of a foam insulation blanket on which they lie. If you would have done Solid timber flooring before, you would be fine conscious how much time it takes to thorough. With floating floors, you can cut all that time, very helpful for room’s flooring.


If design and appearances are on the highest of your mind, then Parquet floors are picture-perfect for you. Those lovely puzzle decorative timber slabs or montage designs are sure to give your floor a new lifetime. Adding to the compensations, these parquet can be located on the top any flat, hard subfloor including concrete.

Parquetries are usually offered as boards or tiles though the old-style way of hitting individual timber fingers are also used. The main benefit of old-style method is this that can use not the same kinds to generate a contrast.


The old school panache, Hardwoods are used for flooring chiefly in older-style households. Made from Pine wood, Hardwood floorings are favoured over softwoods as they are better resilient to depression.

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