Classic solution for wet surfaces

Classic solution for wet surfaces

Vinyl floors are an inexpensive way to cover flooring surface. These are light weight and are made up by adding plasticisers, pigments, stabilisers etc. into vinyl compound. Sold commercially, vinyl has been topping the flooring industry with its durability and affordability.

These floors are ideal for places with high affinity towards water. Kitchen, bathroom and outdoor space are places that are highly exposed to water. Vinyl flooring is made by squeezing vinyl compound and making it pass through series of rollers.

The topmost layer is then coated for making it resistant to abrasions and stains. The squeezing and rolling process is termed as ‘Calendering’ which creates solid vinyl or VCT (Vinyl Composite Tiles). There are different qualities of these tiles making them suitable for diverse places.

Following characteristics make vinyl the most selected flooring option:

Variety of designs: Vinyl can flawlessly imitate wood or ceramic floorings. Due to technological advances the VCT can be devised into diverse colours and shapes to make them look exactly the way you want. Vinyl floors offer multitudinous options for ‘out of the box’ floor designs.

Robustness: The wear layer (topmost layer) of vinyl floors is thick and robust. This layer makes them perfect for places with heavy traffic like outdoor places, kitchen, office area and public places. These tiles are resistant to acids, alkalis and aliphatic hydrocarbons and so are sturdy & lasting.

Rains and wet areas: The upper layer of vinyl floors is coated with water resistant material making them water proof. That is the main reason why these floorings are used in outdoor places, bathrooms and kitchen spaces.

Along with all these pros the vinyl is less expensive compared to its contemporary tiling solutions which makes them a unanimous choice for flooring solution. Thus, when you want solution for wet surfaces vinyl is the classic solution!

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