Coordinate laminate flooring with furniture to augment whole decor

Wooden or laminate flooring has been in existence since ages. But its demand is growing with each passing day. Part of it is because it is a better alternative than tiles. Renowned for its durability, aesthetic appeal and low maintenance these flooring solutions are becoming a unanimous choice. Best suited for living area, the moisture resistant character of these floors make them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and porch area as well.

With a life span of nearly 20 years (if well maintained), the laminate flooring can transform the whole ambience. When selected in accordance with the over all furnishing, these floorings can actually augment the decor of the space. Interior designers claim that wooden floors have a lot more appeal than ceramic tiles. The variation in colour and texture makes it a suitable solution for all types of places.

According to experts one should plan for flooring while designing for the furniture. Coordinate the colour combination to give an even look to the entire space. If you opt for traditional furniture with dark brown colour then light coloured laminate flooring would cater stunning visual appeal. Matt floors are suitable for office area where the furniture is more formal and edgy. Also choose the wall paint that blends with the flooring.

The laminate flooring solutions are available in different styles with patchy patterns and traditional designs. You can even get classic patterns of laminate floors to match the overall decor. Lighter shade of floors would go well with dark wall paint while when you have lighter shade of wall paint go for dark textured floors. Even kitchen area can be decked with laminate flooring for easy to clean the spills and for ease of maintenance.

The kitchen furniture can be also coordinated with the laminate flooring for an even looking place. Dark shades of wooden floor look good in the porch and external space. A perfect fit for homes, offices, restaurants, street stores, the laminate floors can blend with the rest of the furniture to enhance the appeal of the whole area. So, if you are looking forward to flooring solutions to match the furnishing then laminate flooring is the ideal choice.

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