Design Experts: Vivid Hues of Timber Floors ‘in’ For The Summer

Design Experts: Vivid Hues of Timber Floors ‘in’ For The Summer

Vivid Hues of Timber FloorsDesign experts suggest to mix and match colours of timber floors with other furnishings to create a vibrant aura.

Flooring can catch the eyes and also turn off the heads. A good home flooring would give elevate the owner and charms the visitor. With summer making an entry in the months to come, home decor experts suggest that timber floors as the perfect choice for the floors. DIY addicts, furnishing experts and design lovers are pepping up for creating summer colour palettes for the home floors.

Expert suggestions for summer home floor decor:

Vibrant aura: This summer, rooms can be given vibrant, sultry look with different colours of timber floors. This season, choose colours that enhance the vibrancy of the ambience.

Pastel hues: Use colours like classic neutrals, light oak and all yellow tones for gorgeous and aesthetic wooden texture of the floors.

Regal rugs and drapes: Sandy coloured timber floors can be complimented by drapes in various tones of blue and white for a regal appearance.

Darker pillows and cushions: Playing around with colours would be the call of the season. Contrasting shades of purple, red, blues could be used for cushions to add to that lively feel.

Relaxing time: The vivid hues should be able to create a relaxing environment in the home. Mix and match colours to give a vivacious effect to the house in this summer.

For a spirited home visage, coordinate the colours of timber floors with those of the over all furnishings of the house. Just think of lighter shades of floors and accentuate the whole aura by choosing drapes, cushions and decor items of contrasting colours. On a parting note, we suggest that vividness is the call of this summer!!

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