Everything You Need to Know About Finding a Laminate Flooring Melbourne

Everything You Need to Know About Finding a Laminate Flooring Melbourne

They are perfect for rooms, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces, office spaces, commercial spaces and every space in any beautiful property. Yes! We are talking about laminate flooring in Melbourne. Imitating every aspect of traditional wood, they are easy-to-install and high on durability. They are perfect for an active home or a high foot traffic area. Best of all, they keep on looking new for years and years.

HISTORY AND CONSTRUCTION: Also known as floating floors, the laminate floors were invented by a Swedish company in 1977. They consist of synthetic material layers, which are fused together to make a laminate. The four layers include,

Laminate Flooring

1. Bottom layer – Melamine resin for resistance to moisture
2. Fiberboard core – High density for stability and impact resistance
3. Decorative layer – For style, design and colour
4. Tread layer – For high durability and stain resistance

BUYING LAMINATE FLOORING: The basic considerations about purchasing laminate floors Melbourne includes pricing, installation, life-cycle, durability and maintenance requirement. This would ensure that you have invested in the right flooring which is cost-effective and resilient. Laminates are also highly resistant to fading, moisture and stains.

Additionally, many laminate flooring manufacturers offer warranty protection for a longer period of time.

CLEANING LAMINATE FLOORING: These low maintenance floors just require regular sweeping, vacuuming and dry mopping. In the case of intensive cleaning regimens, a mild soap and water solution would work wonders.

DISADVANTAGES OF LAMINATE FLOORS MELBOURNE: Good things are not always perfect. Considerately, the laminate floors Melbourne come along with few drawbacks. They can’t be refinished, are hard to repair, feel hard under the feet, are slippery and are not good for extremely humid conditions.

INSTALLING LAMINATE FLOORING: Laminate flooring installation is an easy DIY project and can also be done by professionals. They are sold as planks which can be easily fitted to each other. They can also be installed over a sub-flooring.

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