Few Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Floors

Few Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Floors

Those durable and versatile pieces of design that can enlighten the mood of any home, Vinyl floors, on the other hand, can be especially depressing and offset positive energy of someone’s home in the absence of a regular maintenance and cleaning. However, many find it extremely cumbersome to clean their vinyl floors.

To ease the cleaning, here are some tips:

Keep a doormat:

Going with the powerful saying, “Prevention is better than cure”. Doormats prevent two of the biggest enemies of vinyl floors: dust and chemicals. The sticky surface of a doormat engrosses most of the dirt and chemicals that stick to one’s shoes whenever entering home. While the dirt scrapes the finish of vinyl flooring, harsh chemicals when came in the contact pale the surface. Either ways, a doormat protects your floorings.

Regularly maintain the floor:

At home, nevertheless, how much you prevent, unwanted stuffs are bound to enter. Irregular cleaning collects these stuffs over your floor’s surface, overtime. The accumulation if not attended can reduce the life of vinyl floors. In addition, unattended floors, because of the formation of a sticky layer, are more likely of this accumulation.

Use mild cleaners:

The temptation of removing all the accumulated dirt with your favourite, strong cleaner, making it as good as the new one, quite the reverse, can damage the surface of vinyl floor. If the floor is too dirty (not a problem if you clean it regularly), try to clean it with a mild cleaner, rather than at once, gradually over the week. As far as possible, try to clean it by the means of a vacuum cleaner or a soft broom. For the times those two are not much of a help, use a mop dampened with warm—not hot—water. If a cleaner is the last resort, use only the one recommended by your vinyl floor’s company.

Don’t over soak your vinyl

Although using a damp mop is a better option than a cleaner, the water from an overly damped mop can easily enter the surface through the cracks and edges, consequently, protuberating the surface of your vinyl.

Remove the soap thoroughly and mildly:

If you ever have to clean the vinyl floor’s surface with a soap based cleaner, make sure you don’t rest until all the remaining soap is removed. Any resting soap, progressively, damages the surface.

Equip anything heavily placed with protective “feet”

Heavy furniture and heavy appliances have the potential to dent the vinyl floor. To avoid, equip any of your permanently placed furniture with protective “feet” that are available in most hardware stores in Australia.

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