Find Quality Luxury Vinyl Flooring Tiles & Planks

Find Quality Luxury Vinyl Flooring Tiles & Planks

The interior design trends change every season and this year, we can’t get enough of the luxury vinyl flooring planks and tiles. These products look like ceramic tiles or stones and come with gorgeous natural colors and textures. They feel like the real thing and resemble wood planks from species to colors. With so many features, these are the most innovative, high-performing and versatile flooring inventions.


  • They offer the texture and richness of the most expensive natural materials
  • They can resemble ceramic tiles, hardwood, stones
  • They don’t burden your budget or put a hole in the pocket
  • Available in plank, tile and sheet formats
  • Offer realistic visuals, high level of comfort and easy installations
  • They are soft under the foot, yet strong
  • They can maintain comfortable temperatures in all weathers
  • Being temperature-resistant, they have great stability and durability
  • They are waterproof, perfect for high traffic areas and wet zones
  • They act as protective top layer – resisting dents, scratches, and stains
  • They are exceptionally easy to maintain
  • Perfect for families with busy lifestyle

With so many advantages and a way to add charm to your decor at affordable prices – finding quality luxury vinyl flooring planks and tiles is equally important. If you want to explore creative possibilities with this trend, contact Mike’s Carpet at 1300 069 340. We provide high industry products for both commercial and residential projects.

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