Follow these Effective Ways to Care for Laminate Flooring

Follow these Effective Ways to Care for Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring tips Laminate flooring looks flawless with the sparkling shine because of the lamination over it.

Laminate flooring is getting popular widely with more and more people referring its use for home décor. If you are still wondering, take a look at this article showing the new innovations glorifying laminate flooring.

Everything has to be cared for and so below are few Do’s and Don’ts to care for the laminate flooring to ensure its long life:


  1. On a regularly basis, use some soap-free cleaners or non-abrasive cleaners as they are mild on such floors.
  2. If you opt to use detergents, then use soap-free detergents as they helps to maintain and also enhance the shine of the floor.
  3. It is recommended to use soft cleaning cloths or wet wipes on the floor as they are gentle and avoid scratches.
  4. Do the sweeping and mopping with clean tap water every-day to avoid the heaps of dust to pile on.
  5. Use a clean white cloth to wipe off any spill or hard mark on the floor as the colored one may leave stains of its own.
  6. For tough spillages, it is recommended to use solvents that contain alcohol.


  1. Never use abrasive cleaners, nylon scouring pads, steel wool or scouring powder as they badly bruise the floor.
  2. Laminate floors just don’t go with steam or warm cleaners so avoid it.
  3. Use limited water or else excessive water on the floor can actually cause damage to the laminate floors.
  4. Be alert to wipe off the excessive spillage of any sort of liquids.
  5. Once laminated, never re-polish the floor.

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