Give small rooms an enlarged effect through carpets

When you have a small, cute home your choice of colour and room accessories can give it an expanded look and make it look bigger than what it actually is. You can give it an illusion of a larger space through accessories like rugs, mirrors, curtains and windows.

Today we would talk about the role a carpet plays in giving the room an enlarged effect.

Well, everything from the colour, size, design layout and material of rug aids in creating the effect of ‘extra space’ in the room. Talking about colour, light, neutral and pastel shades have the characteristic of looking large. In contrast, darker colours give a slotted, more specific visual marking to any area. Opting for light accented carpets would make small room look bigger in size.

Now, let’s have a clue about the role played by the size of the rug in accentuating the appearance and size of the room. Small, more number of carpets generate a cluttered and slotted ambience while wall to wall rugs lend uniformity and expansion to the visage. So, if you are pressed with space, wall to wall flooring of the size of the room would be an ideal choice.

The type and texture of flooring solution also plays a predominant part in catering an enlarged effect. For smaller sized rooms, choose more dense and thin carpets. Opting for friezed rugs would make room look fluffy and smaller. Thinner rugs give a wider appearance to the room while the fluffy ones makes the room seem squat and boxy.

Apart from these ‘technical’ terms, design ideas play a big part in giving an expanded look to the room. A single coloured wall to wall flooring doesn’t distract the eyes and creates an orderly, stretched out appearance. Single style of flooring with less partitions maintain a continuity giving a drawn-out character to the area. Room carpets laid in lengthwise fashion emotes a spacious feel.

Thus, if you want to redo your home for giving it a ‘big size’ feel, think of carpets as the best option to do it. Choose the correct colour, shape, type, texture and layout pattern of the floor rugs and make rooms look more spacious.

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