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Guide from the pro on how to calculate carpet measurements

It is said that Carpet is the fifth wall of your home which adds look and feel to your home. So choosing design, color and the pattern of the carpet is really very important and hence you should not make any decision in hurry, take sometime and go through various designs and colors of the carpet to select carpet that fits the look of your home.

When you’re buying crapet for your home, apart from deciding on type, size and color of the carpet, you also have to decide on the size of the carpet you need to buy. Before you go for a buy, you need to decide on how much carpet you need to buy. To decide on how much carpet you need to buy, you need to calculate how much area you have to cover under carpet. There are two options to calculate total carpet measurements.

One is to give this task to experts at Mike’s Carpet Discounters and get the job done for you, or the other option is to do it yourself (DIY). Calculating carpet is not a big deal and if due care is taken it is easily done. So here, we present few tips so you know how to calculate carpet measurements and how to determine total size of the carpet needed for your home.

When you start measuring carpet area for the home, start it from drawing the room layout on a piece of paper and then measuring the room. Measure the room by length and width using a retractable measuring tape, noting down the maximum measurements. When you are depicting area on the paper, make sure you have included any distinct features in the room such as bay windows, angled walls or anything like this.

To assist you with your calculations, you can also use the special calculator created by Mike’s Carpet Discounters (

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