How to keep your carpet clean?

How to keep your carpet clean?


Carpets at times can get difficult to maintain. Owing to their fragile material, weight, and size, cleaning a carpet is not an easy job and should be left to the experts. In addition, carpets are a big investment and can be damaged with a strong cleaner. Nevertheless, you take some steps to keep the carpet clean for a longer and extending its longevity.

Here are some of those steps:

1. Vacuum is the best and probably the safest option to clean a carpet as it just sucks out the dirt without affecting the carpet’s fragile fabric. Persistence dirt and chemical if exposed to carpet’s material for a long time can cause irreversible damages. Make it a habit to clean the carpet at least once every fortnight.

2. Buy a suitable vacuum cleaner

Not every vacuum cleaner is the same. Some made for heavy duty many be too harsh for your carpet. They may even such out any lose material of your carpet out in addition to the surface debris, making your carper look worn out. If you’re not sure that your present vacuum is suitable for carpet cleaning, consider getting a new one.

Ask the seller whenever going vacuum cleaner shopping if it’s safe for the cleaning.

3. Replace The Padding

Every carpet comes with a padding suitable to its design. If you’re replacing the carpet, chances are the old padding won’t work for the new one and you need find an appropriate padding for the new one. Not replacing the padding can lead to stretch, footprints, and dips and sags.

4. Move bare foot

A carpet by default gets lots of dirt and filth from the surrounding. Moving over it wearing shoes will add to that dirt, making it getting dirtier faster. In addition, if you hover around a chemical prone with the same shoes, some chemical may damage fine fibres of the carpet.

5. Mats and Runners

Putting over Mats and runners over the carpet can save you from the horror of persistently cleaning the carpet, especially if it is placed in a high traffic zone where visitor are frequent can be hard to keep clean. Mats ad runners are easy to wash, dry, and save from the hassles of cleaning a carpet.

6. Remove Stains
Remove stains straightway after they occur. Follow the maker’s instructions or use a carpet cleaner solution. Marks once set can be problematic to remove and not anything will age your carpet sooner than a horde of stains. Most stains, yes even the tough ones, can be raised if the proper procedures are followed.

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