How to Remove Old Carpet Adhesive from: Tips and Tricks

How to Remove Old Carpet Adhesive from: Tips and Tricks

If you have already installed Carpets at your home or office and want to install new carpet, then you have to remove the old carpet adhesive first and then you can lay or install the new carpet. But how do you remove this old carpet’s adhesive?

This is the biggest question being faced when it comes to removing old carpet and installing new carpet. There is a scientific approach in removing carpet adhesive so as to take care of your flooring. When you try to remove the adhesive, you can’t force it suddenly and you can’t pull it suddenly to remove. You have to be gentle, polite and systematic. Otherwise you are sure to harm your flooring.

To assist you in removing the old carpet adhesive, we are giving you here some tips and tricks that will help you in doing so and help you in keeping your flooring safe and nice as usual! Just follow the tips below and you are done!

What to do and How to do?

•    First of all you need to scrap the glue from the cement using any metal scrapper. Metal scrapper helps you remove glue from surface easily and effectively.
•    Now carefully sweep the floor to remove all the glue debris.
•    Then be prepared with a hot water bucket.
•    Now mop up glue with the boiling water and saturate. And make the glue be there for about half an hour or so without drying it out. You may need to add some more water, if so, add more.
•    Once the remaining glue is softening, you can start removing it using any scrapper. You may keep doing this step until all glue is removed.
•    Thus you can gently and slowly remove the glue/adhesive without damaging your floorings.

Once you have removed the carpet adhesive, you may now consider applying new design carpet or you may also be interested in fitting Timber Floors, Vinyl Flooring or Laminate Floors to enhance the beauty of your home/office.

There are some points of concerns to remember while following above tips/suggestions:
However we have made our best efforts to assist you in removing adhesive, you are requested to contact and consult the professional carpet service provider to remove old carpet adhesive because there are many types of flooring and the method of removing carpet adhesive depends on the type of the flooring. So we again recommend you to consult any professional carpet service provider to remove the carpet adhesive.

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