Installing Timber Flooring Over Concrete Slabs: The Many Methods to Do it!

Installing Timber Flooring Over Concrete Slabs: The Many Methods to Do it!

Timber Flooring Enhance the beauty of your home by installing timber flooring over concrete slabs using some handy methods!

Timber flooring is a widely popular way of enhancing the beauty of home interiors. It certainly improves the look and appeal of your office and home. Owing to the comfort timber flooring provides, a lot of people are now turning to timber floors.

Some people even wish to know whether they can have timber flooring over their concrete slabs. If you too have been pondering over the same then you will be pleased to know that you can surely do so. There are various options using which you can put timber flooring over the concrete slabs.

However, not all options can be brought into use as some may or may not suit the situation depending upon how the home has been constructed. In case your home is under construction or is in the planning stage, you can easily introduce any kind of flooring system. Here check out the means by which you can install timber floors over concrete slabs:

Direct Stick: This refers to gluing the boards directly to the slab and it requires higher expertise, and skill to make sure that the installation is done correctly. In this method, you will also have to consider a lot of things like using the correct glues and vapour barriers. Also, make sure to pay keen attention to the timber selection and placement.

Ply Base: In this method, a slab gets fastened by a plywood base that acts as a sub floor. This lets the timber flooring get fixed to the plywood. Here too, it is very vital to consider the importance of using correct installation method.

Battens: A batten system holds a strong resemblance to the traditional floor on a bearer and joint system. Thickness of the batten can be altered in order to suit the different applications.

So, using any of the methods above, you can surely install timber flooring over concrete slabs. But seeking an expert advice will always be beneficial as the professionals know it better which method will give you the desired results!

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