Know Your Nature with Carpet Colour

Know Your Nature with Carpet Colour

Are you in a thought of buying a new carpet? Choosing the right colour for your Saxony twist isn’t a hard nut to crack.If you are going to buy a carpet, there are things to know before you actually buy a carpet.

carpet-colours-natureThere are points to check like carpet styles, patterns, thickness and colour. While you all of these points are very important, carpet colour is one of the most important points and it is the one deciding factor that will make or break your home’s decor.

If you wish to have a breath of fresh air then you might want to consider a more vibrant alternative. But as a matter of fact, did you know that the colour you’d choose reflects a lot about your personality? Let us get an insight of this concept:

1. Red:

Red is a live wire colour that depicts a personality of some movie star. Red coloured carpet is very few and far between to be found at someone’s house unless for someone who is actually a celebrity. We resemble the colour red with anger and intense passion unlike those neutral calming tones. The psychologists say that if you’re a lover of red you’re probably more of an outgoing person, someone who likes to raise the bar, an extrovert maybe.

You can tune up red carpets with contrasting base or preferably white. Darker reds create a great autumnal feel that can complement a room more softly.

2. Yellow:

Choosing yellow is a happy fellow. It is often associated as a cowardly colour for a pale canary yellow, or you’ve got a lot of nerves if you choose a bright egg yellow. Either way yellow is flash of inspiration. The psychologists might tell you that yellow is associated with a friendly person who values individuality and stands out.

A yellow admirer is ingenious and inspiring and can therefore probably handle this difficult colour when it comes to interior design. Ornamenting with a yellow rug is a magical way to lighten up a dull room.

3. Green:

Green is at peace with the world. It is the colour of environment which is tranquil and calm in its own good way. Green correlates to the people who are as clear as black and white, but it’s unlikely you’d be considered naive to go for a green carpet. The psychologists quote that you’re a person who likes to feel safe, or a lover of the outside world. Dark greens can be a great, especially where foot fall is heavy and lighter colours just won’t last.

Mixing green carpets with light wooden furniture is an all-time fancy and classic combination.

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