Laminate Flooring & the New Innovations Glorifying it!

Laminate Flooring & the New Innovations Glorifying it!

Laminate flooring is getting popular widely with more and more people referring its use for home décor. Nowadays, designing experts are even making it a point to bring in some innovation to the old techniques and bring out a more novel and classic appeal with laminate flooring.

The newest trend is setting inlays, which enhances the beauty of your floors. Being a blend of wood and stone textures, it can be easily used as a wonderful substitute for the real wood and stone. This type of flooring gets the strength and ability with the four of its basic layers. The layers are:

1. Backing Layer: Being the bottom layer, it provides resistance to moisture and keeps the flooring safe from board warping.
2. Inner Core Layer: This layer consists of high density fibre-boards backed by a high resin. Both the board and the resin give support and protection against water.
3. Image Design Layer: Here you will find a high resolution image that resembles a particular material.
4. Wear Layer: This happens to be the topmost layer designed to avert any scratching or fading of the laminate.
5. Inlaying Method: Water Jet Cutting

To make sure that the laminate flooring gets the right inlay design, it is seen that the cutting process does not debase in any way. And this is why water jet cutting is termed to be the best option to create  the desired laminate flooring inlays.

Why only Water Jet Cutting?

The reasons which have made water jet cutting the most widely used ways of setting the inlays are:It is extremely fast, flexible, and precise.

– It is extremely fast, flexible, and precise.
– It’s an inexpensive method bearing no tooling charges.
– Using this method, you just don’t have to worry about the heat affected areas or warped materials as this technique makes use of cold water.

If innovations appeal to your style of working, do try out this method and  give your home a touch of magnificence!

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