Maintaining timber floors: The essential guidelines!

Maintaining timber floors: The essential guidelines!

Important tips to clean and maintain timber floors.

timber-floors-guidelines Quality timber flooring enhances the beauty of your home and certainly stands as a striking feature of your abode. It is the current rage in the world of interiors and is in great demand. People are getting back to this old mode of decorating the house, which has now got an innovative touch of modernism.

The beauty and elegance of timber floors is incredible however, maintaining the same is quite a task and must be handled in a strategic manner. If you have been worried about retaining the beauty of your timber flooring, here check out the effective ways sure to help you out:

Use mats and rugs

Mats and rugs play a vital role in protecting the footpaths experiencing high traffic. If there are kids in your home, you can always seek their help and tell them to make fun signs advising visitors to take off their shoes before entering the house. These can be easily hung on the doors and if there are no kids at your place, you can do it on your own.

Avoid water spillage

Place the mats in wet areas like kitchen sink or laundry area to avoid the spillage of water. You can also place protective pads under the furniture or things that have direct contact with the timber floors.

Ensure abundant ventilation

You should make sure that your home is well ventilated so that there exists less dampness and excess of moisture which causes the timber movement. Refrain from using a steam mop or hot water as it can make the timber expand. The spills must be dealt instantly so as to avoid too much water use on the floors.

You can clean the timber floors by gently vacuuming or sweeping regularly. Avoid the use of lemon, vinegar or water as the acidity can cause damage to your timber. To give the flooring type a great run, re-oil it twice a year in autumn and spring. Retain the beauty of your home and let the timber floors stand ever-glowing.

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