Making Carpets different ways

Making Carpets different ways

There are different work patterns used during the making of carpets. Some of them are:


Production of such carpets is done on the looms that are similar to the looms used for woven cloth. There is a use of a variety of coloured yarn for the processing. There are innumerable pattern which can be produced using these coloured yarns and predefined design.

These types of carpets are the most expensive of all other types because of slow processing and amount of skill required.

Needle felt

It is technically advance kind of carpet where due to electrostatic attraction between synthetic fibres, Needle felts are produced. Carpets made in these style lasts for long and thus they are used in places with a lot of traffic, like hotels.


In this type of carpets, the structural alternate horizontal threads are attached to the vertical threads by one or more knots. The knotting is sometimes also done by hands.


The tufted method is the most common method for making domestic carpets. A backing material is bounded to another backing comprising a handmade hessian and the piles of the carpets are directly into the first backing material.


There are many other ways used for making of carpets.

A flatweave process of building carpets involves the interlocking of vertical and horizontal threads. This type of carpets include plain weave, tapestry weave, kilim and soumak carpet.
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