Most common myths about carpets in Australia

Most common myths about carpets in Australia

Carpets are the best form of fibre art! While guarding the floor these are the finest way to augment your home, office or business places in Australia.

They are used as a protective layer of the hard floor which make the floor look attractive and gives a soft, cushioning effect to the feet. But there are many common myths about carpets in Australia.

Some of the most troubling myths about carpets are as follows:

Cheap carpets are the best choice: Well, cheap carpets might make your pocket smile but its a bigger investment on the longer spectrum. This because inexpensive carpets of low quality are made of Olefin fibre which has very low resistance against wear. ultimately these ‘affordable’ but low quality carpets need to be replaced with newer ones making your pockets frown.

New carpets don’t require cleaning: It is observed that owners of carpets in Australia have a misconception that new carpets don’t need cleaning. Tiny microscopic dust particles spoil the fibre resulting in much early damage to the carpets. Thus, cleaning at regular intervals is a must not only for hygiene but also for the longer life span of the carpet.

Any carpet stain remover product is good: Carpets must be cleaned with fibre specific stain removers. Buy products that suit your carpet needs else they might result in fading of colour and damage of fibre. Online sellers of carpets in Australia can be contacted for buying good quality stain removers so as to eventually enhance the longevity of carpets.

Weekly vacuuming is enough: Carpet companies and Environment Protection agencies suggests daily vacuuming of carpets as weekly or twice in a week carpet cleaning may result in daily accumulation of air pollens, dust, animal hair, dander and dustmites. So, its better to clean carpets on a daily basis.

Asthma is caused due to carpets: Well, Asthma is an allergic reaction to any form of allergens including pollens, dust, cockroaches, moulds, grasses, hair or pets. According to a German study, dust contamination due to hard wood flooring is twice than that of floors covered with full length carpets. Thus, owners of carpets in Australia must take a breather from this myth and use carpets happily. Only thing which needs to be considered is the regular cleaning of the carpets.

Keeping these simple but effective points in mind you can get rid of all the myths about carpets. You can even visit us on regular basis to get more updates about carpets!

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