Parquetry timber floors – perfect antique flooring!

Parquetry timber floors – perfect antique flooring!

perfect antique flooringArtistic designs accentuate timber floors and give it a traditional and sophisticated appeal. Famed to enhance the aesthetic value of the place, these designs add to the attraction of the floor.

With a designer appeal and beautiful visage, parquetry were traditionally used for entrance of the house. Contrasting colours of wood like Cedar, Maple, Victorian Ash, Walnut, Mahogany, Bamboo are used to create flooring patterns. Catering the designer appeal to the floor, Parquetry is the most popular wooden flooring solution these days.

Why parquetry timber floors???

Well, apart from the gorgeous looking designs the best part is that these flooring solutions are long lasting and have a timeless appeal. Moreover, these require little maintenance and can be cleaned easily. Warmer under foot when compared to other tiling solutions these are ideal for bedrooms and hallways. Easy to install these are perfect decorative piece for the floors.

Perfect alternative to tiles??

Parquetry timber floors easily outshine tiles with their versatile designs, contrasting colour effects, long lasting behaviour and beautiful looks. These floors are an example of exceptional workmanship and are most availed choice for granting individual look to the floor. Another advantage is that any damage can be mended by replacing only that block of the floor making them highly dependable solution.

For the love of style, simplicity and aesthetics:

When you want to incorporate style, simplicity and aesthetics in the timber floors, go for parquetry and get all in one. So, ornament hallways entrance, steps and floors with these floors and give your home the perfect antique effect!

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