Removing vinyl floors – best DIY project for homes

Removing vinyl floors – best DIY project for homes

Easy to install vinyl floors can be difficult to remove. Uninstalling these floors depends on their installation method and the sub floor.

Like removing it from concrete is different from dismantling the glued flooring. For all the DIY fanatics, this would be an interesting project.

  1.  The first step is to check whether the flooring consists of asbestos. This happens in the cases when floors were laid before 1970. As asbestos is dangerous for throat and lungs, you must call an asbestos floor removal expert. Otherwise you an just proceed yourself.
  2. Now, you are all set to remove vinyl floors. You must have with you utility of floor knife, scraper, soap, hot water, heat gun (or hair dryer) and vacuum cleaner. After checking all the tools remove all the baseboards from the edges of the floor.
  3. Check each corner to locate an area that is not glued. With a utility knife start cutting along the floors making 12 inch wide strips. Pull up the strips and use scrapers at tightly glued places. You can use soap and water to drench the areas where glue is tightly held with the sub floor.
  4. With the help of scraper remove all the adhesive while peeling off vinyl floors. Use vacuum cleaner to remove any remains or left over pieces of the deinstalled floor. This will make the stubborn glued portions clearly visible. Use heat gun to soften the glue on these areas.
  5. The softened glue can be easily scrapped from the sub floors. Make sure you don’t create gouges in the floor. Once the vinyl is removed vacuum again to check any damage in the floor. This step puts a full stop on the process of removing vinyl floors.

Make sure you wear gloves and glasses as a safety measure. Hope you enjoy this DIY and we are also available to assist whenever you need any help in regards to floors, carpets and rugs!

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