Steps to follow while laying laminate floors in Melbourne

Steps to follow while laying laminate floors in Melbourne

Laminate floors are a super hit choice of Melburnians. Tinting the floors with wooden textured flooring solutions add appeal to the floor.

Laminate are affordable form of flooring and are preferred for creating style and convenience. Stepwise procedure for installing laminate floors in Melbourne:

Step1: Choose the design type: The real wood looking designs of laminate have multiple designs including tiles, stone, styling in 1 strip, 2 strip and 3 strip. Design should compliment the house design and furnishing of the place.

Step2: Choose the colour: Cream, red and brown are the basic colours of laminate floors in Melbourne. Design experts suggest that dark colours generate warm space, crisp colours hints fresh & relaxing place, earthy tones create a quieter mood, light colour reflect spacious place and neutral colours draw attention towards furnishings.

Step3: Budget planning: This is a long term investment so choose floors that are moisture resistant, eco-friendly with low VOC emission rate, scratch and slip resistance. Invest in floors that have superior finish and durability. Anyways, laminate is cost effective and so will suffice your budget.

Step4: Estimate the amount of flooring: You have to measure the square feet area of each room and sum up to get the exact amount of flooring needed. If you are using different designs in each room then order as per the size of the room.

Step5: Choose the underlay: For long lasting laminate floors in Melbourne, it is advisable to buy high quality underlay to support the carpet. It gives cushioned effect and act as perfect sub-floor. The underlays also seals the joins which reduces footfall and noise by 30%.

These simple yet effective steps would help in installing laminate floors. These would prove to be your best help if you are doing DIY floor installation. So, enjoy laying laminate floors!

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