The 10 Instructions of Carpet Care during winters

The 10 Instructions of Carpet Care during winters

In comparison to summers, carpets Victoria are more prone to rain, snow, dirt, and debris during winters. Prolonged exposure to these elements can damage a carpet. In addition, you need to clean it every other day.

Thus, Carpets Victoria need even more care during winters.

So here are my tips of keeping your carpet clean during winters.

1. Keep the dirt out:

If you’re a commercial establishment, hundreds of people might enter or exit the building with their dirty shoes. Of course, you can’t ask them to remove or clean their shoes before entering the building. All you do is to keep the premises of the building clean so that they carry less dust when entering the building.

2. Walk-off mats

Walk-off mats absorb a large amount of dirt entering the building. 12-15 feet long such mats, depending upon the customer inflow, should be placed at the building’s entry.

3. Vacuum and more vacuum

You should vacuum all the dust prone areas like entryways, hallways, ladders, and cafeteria area to remove debris accumulation before it went widespread and spread to areas like desks and cabinets, where it is much difficult to vacuum.

4. Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial high-efficiency vacuum cleaners are much better than everyday vacuum cleaners for remove debris out of a carpet. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA air-filtration systems keep the indoor air and the environment clean.

5. Insist on spot removal

Your carpet will be more susceptible to build up of ice melt and salt during winters. In addition, inspect your carpet for spots, if any, should be removed with a spot remover immediately. If left for a long time, the spot will become difficult to remove.

6. Ground floor first

The Ground floor of a building is more likely to accumulate dirt and debris than the upper floors. In addition, the accumulation is more likely to spread to other places if the ground floor is filthy.

7. Don’t forget stairs and elevators

Among others, stairs and elevators are more likely to accumulate dirt and dust than other part of a household. The accumulation can easily move to other parts of home if not vacuumed out regularly.

8. Deep Clean

AT times when vacuuming is out of place, consider a deep clean. The carpet cleaning solution that you’re using should be raised to 212 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Hot-water extraction should be carried out twice to thrice a year, depending on traffic, area, and use.

9. Raise awareness

The tenants must be aware how keep the carpet clean for a longer time. Tell them how important is to keep the carpet clean to keep the building.

10. Pre-spray and then groom.

Pre-spray visibly grubby and dotted areas on rugs and then stir with a carpet groomer or rake. Permit it 5 to 10 minutes of dwell time to untie and blend with soiled areas.

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