The anatomy of laminate floors

The anatomy of laminate floors

Laminate has been extensively used in creating tenacious flooring solutions. Plus Australians have a penchant for attractive looking floors.

There are numerous online and brick mortar shops offering laminate floors in Melbourne. This man made floor proves less expensive than other hard wood floors giving one a breather on the budget.

Laminate is constructed of four layers compressed together through heavy pressure. Let’s check the anatomy of laminate floors. The bottom layer consists of melamine plastic which has the characteristic property of resisting moisture from below the floors. That is why laminate are used in  places with affinity towards water.

Above this is the layer made up of highly dense inner core. The core depends on the manufacturer who choose either high density fibre board or particle board. The density is the decisive factor for pricing of laminate floors in Melbourne. Best floors have highly dense inner core layer making them rigid and durable and thus are costlier than other counterparts.

Above the core there is the decorative layer made out of wood grain. It is a high resolution photograph of wood grain which imitates real hard wood designs. It creates the actual look of the floor and is availed in startling designs. This layer is responsible for the colour, look and finish of the laminate floors.

The fourth and topmost layer of laminate floors in Melbourne is made  up of Aluminium oxide. This coating makes the floor scratch and abrasion proof as aluminium oxide is the hardest natural surface after diamonds. Thus, made out of compressing these four layers the laminate floors in Melbourne are most preferred flooring solutions.

Laminate floors repel water making them a perfect fit for water areas like bathrooms and outdoor places. One obvious drawback of laminate floors is the echoing sound it produces while you walk on it. Debarring that these floors are stain resistant and are repulsive towards the fading due to sunlight making them ideal for kitchen and exterior surfaces.

Laminate floors in Melbourne are often termed as floating floors as they can be laid without glue or nails. Thus, if you are in a spree of flooring your house, office or want to refurbish the existing floor then laminate is an ideal choice!

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