Things to know before you buy a carpet

Things to know before you buy a carpet

Who doesn’t want a luxurious and beautiful home? You are choosy and want just the best quality carpets for your sweet home; yet you tend to get equally confused, while you start looking to buy a carpet, according to size of the rooms and colors of walls etc.

And why not, you find so many varieties and designs at your disposal in Australia that you are bound to get confused and need someone to help you choose the right carpet. Some carpets are really expensive and some are susceptible to wear and tear. Some need frequent cleanings and some are hazardous to health. So, here are some useful tips to help you while buying carpets for your sweet home.

Various carpet styles

There are different types of carpet available in the market, whether you shop online or you walk in to a store; for example:- Textured, plush, saxony etc. Prima facie any carpet seems to be the best choice; however, you need to very careful before you commit to buy a carpet. Plush carpets are soft and quite engaging; however, they are prone to footprints. Made from twisted fibers, frieze can conceal dirt pretty nicely.

They feel comfortable to feet and look better than textured ones. Textured carpeting is also a good bet for highly walked upon areas because it can hide dirt due to fibers of different heights.

Don’t ignore the padding

Thinking on surface can be bad idea while buying carpets. Padding shouldn’t be swept under the carpet, as it not only provides an extra support to your carpet, but its insulation also contributes to control room temperature and resists noise. Since good padding can convert an engaging carpet into the best quality carpet. Consulting your carpet provider is a good idea before making up your mind about buying carpets for your house. Highly visited areas require padding of more density while padding with low density will do for low visited areas of your house.

Buy a carpet according to your lifestyle

Buying carpets according to your lifestyle will make sense in the long run. You may wanna pick the most expensive carpet from the best carpet store, under the notion that it will be more durable; however one size doesn’t fit all. For example:- carpeting in rooms exposed to pets and kids is more susceptible to stains and replacements. Hence, carpet tile will be a good bet than any other style. It is always easy to replace one tile than the entire carpet.

Carpet provider and installation

Quality of installation work should not be ignored. Since, many carpet stores in Australia have subcontractors handling the installation bit, it is better to inquire about their work experience before you buy a carpet, as poor quality installation can leave you with bad odor, bumps, moisture etc.

Carpet for stairs

If you want to buy a carpet for your staircase, you need to think about what makes stair carpeting more durable and hassle free. Carpeting on stairs requires more resistance to grinning and wear. Cut pile style is more suitable for stairs. Woolen ones, however are the best bet for stairs. Always take into consideration the density bit before you buy a carpet, as it has to bear the curls and bends on the stairs.

Maintenance of carpets

You will never want your stressful busy life to be overburdened with heavy maintenance your carpets may demand; hence it is important to keep the cleaning requirements before you get hooked by the fancy appearance of a carpet. Textured carpet is the best pick for highly walked upon areas, as they hide stains and dirt pretty effectively. It is always better to collect information about resources, you will need to maintain before buying carpets.

Eco-friendly carpets

Fancy looking carpets can bring a smile on your face; however, you will not prefer to ignore health concerns, a bad choice can bring to you and your family. Shocked ? Yes, poor indoor air due to carpets made of non eco- friendly and non organic products invites various types of allergies and asthma. Always ask for the percentage of organic content used while manufacturing the carpet. You can ask questions to the salesperson in the carpet store

Keeping the above points in mind will help you buy a carpet that is suited not only to your house but your lifestyle too.

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