Tips you need to maintain your laminate floor

Tips you need to maintain your laminate floor

If you are looking for tips on how to maintain your laminate floor, here are some useful tips that can help you in keeping your Laminate Flooring clean and new forever!

While keeping your laminate floor is vital for the sustainability and durability of your flooring, it is equally important to keep them clean so as to maintain a fine line of your home or office’s look. And what’s more, maintaining your laminate floor is as simple and easy as maintaining your own look! You just need to follow some instructions and methods of flooring maintenance which are give here. So get ready with tools and utilities and start maintaining your flooring right now!

Things you need

To maintain your laminate floor and to keep it clean, you may need some utility tools like broom, vacuum cleaner, some floor cleaning powder and neat cloth.

How to keep your laminate floor clean?

One of the simplest way to keep your floor clean is to keep cleaning it on regular time interval. Use your broom and/or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, or any other waste from the floor.

If your floor has stuck with some solid food or oil marks, try removing them using any good floor cleaning powder or liquid. While there are many brands and quality available, we suggest you to use trusted brand that are being used many people and professionals.

If the floor has any large soiled areas, try to use an evolution microfiber mop and any good laminate flooring cleaning material.

You may also use cleaning spray with cleaning solution onto a flat mop with a microfiber cloth, but make sure you don’t saturate or over wet the mop. One important point to take care of here is to make sure that the mop has not left any moisture behind the mopped area.

What not to do?

While you are cleaning the floor, never ever wet mop the floor or never steam mop the floor as it can damage the floor and can marginally decrease the durability and life of the flooring.
Don’t use any soap based detergents for cleaning purpose. Always use cleaning powder or liquid that is made for floor cleaning only.

Points to remember

To keep the floor clean, there are certain points that needed to be kept in mind:

Try to avoid allowing any liquids to stay on your floor, especially if you have pets or plants at home, avoid their bowls to stay on floor for long time.

Always use doormats outside each entrance to your home. This will help you prevent dirt, sand, grit and other substances such as oil, asphalt and driveway sealer from being tracked onto your floor.

Never slide your chairs over the floor as they may leave scratches on the floor, always slightly pick them and move from one area to another.

Disclaimer: As we are not aware of your exact situation, please take this advice general only. Each situation may be different, and accordingly specific solutions may be tailored. Contact us for assistance in relation to any specific situations.

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