Various types of Timber Floorings

Various types of Timber Floorings

If you are one of those who want to install and use timber floor at your home, office or any other place but don’t know much about the timber flooring system and looking for information on many types of timber floorings, then this article is specially for you!

TImber floors as we know is Longley in use and comes in a number of types. But what are its types? Just get into know now!

Laminate Floorings

One of the best and most widely used types of timber floorings is laminate flooring which gives offers easy installation and lasting durability. A wear-resistant decorative surface made of resin-based melamine makes the floor extremely difficult to stain, scratch, or burn. This awesome type of timber floors is a floating floor, which means it does not fasten directly to the sub-floor. Instead the planks are clicked together. This enables the floor to be fitted fast and with no real mess.

Deck Floorings

Another widely used type of timber flooring is deck flooring which is strong and easy to maintain and provide adequate grip. Deck flooring is an important and aesthetic feature as it is the most visible part of a deck. Wood deck floors often expose the bark side which is normally the more attractive side so that the ring and grains are visible.

Hardwood Floorings

Hardwood flooring is one of many widely used form of timber flooring system. This type of timber flooring system is now a days in big use in and around the Australia. As it is a natural product every hardwood floor installed will be individual and different from the next. Main benefit of this timber floor is its hardwearing finish to the floor as in the factory they will apply on average 6 coats of finish compared with only 2 coats when the floor is finished onsite. This is generally available as a complete solid floor or as an engineered floor and a well installed and maintained hardwood floor will last for many years and is a true long term investment.

Engineered Floorings

One of the biggest reasons of popularity of timber floor is due to this awesome and durable type of timber flooring system. Engineered hardwoods look same as solid hardwoods. Below the surface, it’s a different story. Engineered hardwood floors are composed of three to seven layers cross stacked then glued and laminated under high pressure and heat to create a flooring material that is impervious to humidity.

Sports Floorings

Stylish and splendid sports flooring are another nature of timber floors. Main quality of this timber floor is that it attracts you and makes you feel the passion to play.

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