Vinyl Flooring for Bathrooms: A Budget Friendly Way to Decorate Your Space!

Vinyl Flooring for Bathrooms: A Budget Friendly Way to Decorate Your Space!

Give an enticing look to your bathroom with vinyl flooring!

vinyl-flooring-bathroomsWhen renovating or modernizing a bathroom, flooring generally turns out to be one of the biggest expenditures. And it is impossible to compromise with the quality as flooring leaves a great impact on the looks of your bathroom.

This is why homeowners look for a budget-friendly and smart solution. For all those who wish to renovate their bathroom within nominal expense, switch to vinyl flooring.

Generally, for a bathroom floor, most of the homeowners desire the archetypal look of hardwood or tile. Vinyl flooring in this case proves to be a smart solution. It has come of age over the years and is now available in a vivid variety of colours, designs, and styles, as well as choices that offer a comparable look to stone or wood. It also provides infinite design options as it can be assorted and matched to make fascinating and exclusive patterns and designs.

Vinyl flooring at a glance

Though vinyl can provide a look alike tile or hardwood, it is considerably softer underfoot, owing to its fondled or foam backing. This provides a comfy surface, which is predominantly useful in bathrooms where slip-and-fall mishaps are quite common on the wet floors. The softer surface even offers complete protection and lets vinyl to stand up fine to foot traffic. Due to the spongy quality homeowners need to be careful about weighty items placed on or moved across the surface.


It is a simple Do-It-Yourself project. These Peel-and-stick tiles are quite easy to fix but can create many seams where water can ooze under the floor. You can replace them easily using some elbow grease. The rolled tile normally measures 6- or 12-feet and can cover the area without a seam.

If installed and conserved correctly, this flooring type can last around 15 years or more. Clean the floor regularly and if the vinyl’s gloss covering wears down, use a vinyl floor wax to restore the shine.

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