Want to give make over to timber floors – just sand and polish!

Want to give make over to timber floors – just sand and polish!

Sanding and polishing are the finest ways of fixing damaged timber floors. These methods save lot of time and money required otherwise for installing new floor.

Your home timber floors have lot of scratches, cracks, dents or spilling?? Do you desperately want to give it a new, fresh and clean look?? If YES! then you have two options – either you install new floor or you can sand and polish the existing one. Experts suggest second option would be best if you have a tight budget.

Why sanding and polishing the floors??

Well, over the time the floor must have gone through considerable wear and tear. Cracks, gouges and scratches can be levelled the best through sanding. Wood damage due to termites and wood borers generally needs replacement but for minor damages, you can sand the area, fill in the gap with some filler and polish it to protect any further spoilage.

How to go for sanding timber floors??

Well, the sanding job best suits the professionals as DIY if not done accurately might create more damage to the floors. So, you can contact experts in this realm of home improvement. You can also take online help to find out decor or sanding experts. DIY requires punching in all the nails, sanding with abrasive papers, applying wood filler in the cracks, sealing and then polishing the floor.


The foremost benefit of sanding and polishing apart from saving lot of money is saving a lot of time. As new flooring is a time consuming task it would eat a lot of your time required to remove the older floor and then installing the new one. Thus, when you have to save time and money both, just choose to refurbish the timber floors.


For all those of you who like to change the older floor and need mending the existing timber floors, the best choice would be to repair the current floor. Sanding and polishing with a matching tone of colour would be enough! So, save your days and pocket by fixing the older floor!

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